This Keratin Treatment Gave Me Permanent Cool-Girl Waves

Owing in equal parts to industry trend, general self-acceptance, and a healthy dose of laziness, I have come to embrace the naturally imperfect, "permanent bedhead" texture of my curls. So much, in fact, that when I was recently invited to try out a new plant-based keratin treatment, my first instinct was to decline. It's only natural, after all, to associate "keratin treatment" with ultra-sleek, pin-straight locks—and even though this new treatment billed itself as a way to enhance and soften the natural curl of your hair while eliminating any unsightly static, I remained skeptical. Removing frizz is one thing, but what if this treatment semi-permanently got rid of my beloved waves altogether?

Nonetheless, my curiosity ultimately won out, and I found myself at West Hollywood's Martinez-Samuel salon on a recent morning to experience Keratin Complex's new Personalized Blow Out treatment firsthand. On paper, the treatment is revolutionary for a few reasons; for starters, it forgoes the traditionally harsh chemicals found in most semipermanent smoothing treatments in favor of a proprietary "juice blend" of aloe vera, lemongrass, grapefruit, and açaí berry. But the coolest element might be its customizability: The client can choose different levels of the treatment based on personal preference for texture. For example, if I opted for a level one, I would potentially have slick-straight hair for the next several weeks.

After talking it over with Jesse, my stylist, I settled for a level four—the second-lowest concentration of the treatment, which would theoretically leave me with a frizz-less version of my own waves. All in all, the process would take about two hours and last up to three months—all with extremely minimal maintenance. So I ignored the cynical voice in my head that insisted it was all too good to be true, said a little prayer, and caught one last glimpse of my poofy curls in the mirror before getting whisked off to the shampoo station.