Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Airplane Beauty Secrets

There are few people who would know how to stay fresh on the go better than Kendall Jenner—after all, jet-setting is a near-daily aspect of the model's busy lifestyle. Which is why we were quite excited to see that she revealed her travel beauty routine to People, describing her go-to products for staying hydrated and pretty when thousands of feet in the air.

"With all the flying I do, I need to have a concrete plan for my skin," she says, before adding that like most of us, that climate-controlled airplane air tends to dry her skin out. To avoid a lackluster complexion, she drinks a ton of water (a non-negotiable!) and relies on Estée Lauder's Little Black Primer ($24), Double Wear Makeup to Go ($45), and Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion ($30) for a natural but polished face. "Always use light foundation and keep it natural," she says. Hear, hear.

Jenner has also added in the past that she loves a good moisturizer and eye cream—especially key for those red-eye flights. It's all great advice, but we're always curious to know: What are your go-to products and tips for staying gorgeous on a long flight? Tell us in the comments below!