The Kendall Jenner Topknot and 9 Celebs Who Are Loving the Look

Updated 09/23/16
Getty/Jason Merritt

Was she the first celeb to waltz down the red carpet with her tied up high? No. But for whatever reason (perhaps we should call it the Kardashian-Jenner effect?), when Kendall Jenner sports a topknot, the look instantly takes off. Again, the topknot is nothing new. But for the longest time, the on-trend topknot was a messy one, thrown on top of heads in the most effortless manner. The new and improved topknot of 2016 looks quite bit a different. The Kendall Jenner topknot (as we've so loving dubbed it) is sleek.

Think shiny hair slicked back and wrapped into a bun in an almost origami-looking fashion. (Clip-on bangs optional.) Grab your Shine Serum ($5), maybe even some Styling Gel ($4), and scroll through for nine celebrity takes on the Kendall Jenner topknot!

Getty/Ben Gabbe

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba wears the look so sleek the ends spike. 

Getty/Jason Merritt

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr goes almost Kendall Jenner identical; all that's missing is the bangs. 

Getty/Steve Granitz

Jennifer Lopez

In all fairness, J.Lo has been rocking the super-sleek topknot for years. We love her looped take on the bun.

Getty/Karwai Tang

Daisy Ridley

Why bother tucking in the ends when you can make them a part of the look? Just make sure your ends are in good shape if you want them to fan out like this. 

Getty/Jason LaVeris

Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer takes the look a step further with a bigger bun and a few extra statement-making strands. 

Getty/Jon Kopaloff

Julianne Hough

Looped and wrapped, this sleek topknot is perfect for showing off the dimension in your hair color. 

Getty/Rindoff/Le Segretain

Cara Delevingne

Step up your KJ topknot game, à la Cara, and add braid to the top section of hair.

Getty/Jason Merritt

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco's been spotted topknotting it up a few times. Here, slightly off-center and still so shiny.  

Getty/Noel Vasquez

Rita Ora

And then there's Rita Ora, who takes the trend and makes it all her own. Or rather, almost all her own. Is it possible she's combined two Kardashian-Jenner trends here? Boxer braids and a sleek topknot? We approve.

Which new-and-improved topknot is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! 

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