Here's What Kendall Jenner Would Buy From Sephora


Estée Lauder

When Kylie Jenner went on a Sephora shopping spree earlier this year, she did some major damage—to the tune of $1185.38, to be exact. The makeup mogul bought several different blushes (her "favorite thing ever"), highlighters, face mist, and the like. And while big sis Kendall is more of a minimalist—she's the yin to Kylie's yang—we're willing to bet she wouldn't wag her finger at the chance to let loose in the aisles of the beauty mecca.

Because there's a slim chance Kendall will be snapping her Sephora haul anytime soon (she's not nearly as prolific on the app as her Snap-happy sister Kylie. See? Yin and yang), we rounded up some beauty selections she's previously conceded to buying and loving. In addition to her top Estée Lauder picks (Jenner is a spokesperson for the brand), below are the products we imagine the model would scoop up at Sephora.

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