Kendall Jenner's Makeup Artist Shares the Secret to Her Flawless Complexion


CBS Photo Archive/Getty

Last year, Kendall Jenner took over the world—well, the beauty world, at least. The supermodel and face of Estée Lauder has quickly become the beauty community's go-to icon for glowy skin, mile-long lashes, and a less-is-more attitude toward makeup. Kendall's personal beauty chops are quite impressive, and her makeup artists agree she has a distinctive vision when it comes to beauty—they're simply there to help her execute it.

"Kendall's aesthetic is more on the minimal side," explains Aidan Keogh of Honey Artists, Kendall's favorite NYC-based MUA. "Her preference is a staple red lip, minimal makeup everywhere else, and lots of mascara." Keogh says that Kendall is actually quite unique among his celebrity clients. "In a day where sculpted and chiseled features have become a movement, Kendall prefers a more subtle and naturally defined face," he tells us. "In a way, her red lip look separates her from the girls who opt for typical smoky eye and nude lip. So she stands out in her own way without being overly made up."

But technically, how does Kendall manage to look consistently flawless no matter where she goes? To find out, we got Keogh to reveal his seven best secrets for executing Kendall's look. Keep reading for seven exclusive (and surprisingly easy) tips from Kendall Jenner's makeup artist!