Kendall Jenner's New KKW Fragrance Collab Is Inspired By Horseback Riding [Exclusive]

Jenner gives us the exclusive details on her "subtle and fresh" scent collection.

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2021 is overwrought with direct-to-consumer celebrity brands, but somehow, Kim Kardashian always seems to make waves with every drop, whether it’s KKW Beauty, Skims, or KKW Fragrance. Today, Kim and her sister Kendall come together for the newest collaboration to come out of the Kardashian Camp: The KKW Fragrance collaboration with Kendall Jenner.

Between their numerous brands, the Kardashian sisters have collaborated every way you can think of, but only recently has Kendall been brought into the fold, first with The Kendall Collection by Kylie Cosmetics and now with Kim’s fragrance collection.

Kendall’s collaboration consists of three scents, and with one glance, you’ll know that they're different than anything Kim has done before.

“Kim loves white florals so most of her past collaborations with Kylie and our mom have naturally gravitated towards those notes, but my vibe is completely different.” Kendall tells Byrdie exclusively. “We knew these scents would be more unique, plus we wanted them to be unisex. I love more rich, fresh, sensual scents, so these are really unlike anything KKW Fragrance has ever done before.” 

While Kim’s core scents are inspired by crystals and Kylie’s by her iconic lips, Kendall’s were dreamt up from her memories of horseback riding as a young girl.

“Horseback riding has always been a passion of mine and always brings me a sense of calm. I also love the different smells that come from my backyard, especially fresh flowers and all the fruit trees.” 

Though KKW Fragrance has only been around since 2017, Kim has wasted no time releasing numerous stand-alone fragrances and collections. What’s more, her collections usually come in threes. With so many fragrances under her belt, I was curious how Kendall’s would be different than the many she’s done.

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“I wanted three scents that smelled completely different from anything I’ve ever come across before, and I wanted them to be completely versatile. These are definitely more subtle and fresh, with some hints of florals and sweets” Kendall explained.

“The Olive scent in the collection might be my favorite because it is perfectly balanced," she continues. "I can wear this one day or night. It’s such an easy, wearable, long-lasting scent. I also love the way the three of them look together on a vanity, the colors all complement each other, and are like small pieces of art.” 

Whether they’re her own scent or for a collab, Kim’s fragrance bottle designs are always a hit. That’s sort of the point. Her scents are good, but the bottles are just as fun to look at. Seeing them on your vanity or bathroom sink every morning is an easy way to brighten your day.

Kendall’s bottles are different from everything else in the collection while still being instantly recognizable. The circular component is sleek and showcases the juice, each a different color, and aligns with Kendall’s sleek, minimalistic style.

Her bottles reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on just what.

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KKW Fragrance

“They're little horseshoes!” She divulged. “That was our inspiration behind the entire collection, from scents to packaging and even the campaign we did. I wanted the bottles to be super chic, minimalist, and understated, but also reminiscent of horseback riding.”

The Kardashian sisters are all savvy business women. They all know how to create a personal brand and keep it relevant even as trends change. Even Kendall, who, out of any of them, had thus far focused on modeling over creating namesake brands, recently released 818 Tequila. But she made a name for herself as a supermodel. I wondered, how are modeling and creating a fragrance similar?

“The creative process can be similar!" she says. "When I began joining the brainstorms for this collection, I was a little overwhelmed at times, especially because there are so many scents I like and don’t like. Formulating that into one specific product can be so challenging, which is why we created three different options."

“That happens during my campaign shoots as well," Jenner notes. " There are so many deliverables and creative minds all working at once, but in the end, we always create something that we are proud of and excited to share.


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