Revealed: What Kendall Jenner Keeps in Her "Beauty Fridge"


Getty Images

It's no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner clan spends a lot of time in the makeup chair. From Jen Atkin's hairdos to Mario Dedivanovic's signature face beat, it's safe to say the majority of their day is spent in glam. So, naturally, they each have a bedroom-size glam room set up in their palatial estates. (Kylie even has Hermès boxes as decoration in hers.) Sound extravagant? Just wait.

This just in: Kendall has a refrigerator set up in her glam room. And, no, it's not for mid-day snacking. According to Martyn Lawrence Bullard, the L.A.-based designer who dreamed up rooms for Kendall, Kourtney, Khloé, and Kris, the model keeps a "refrigerator filled with really chilled water, special makeup, [and] special creams so they maintain their pH balance." Chic, no? Imagine the skin-glowing possibilities when you keep each product at the exact right temperature.

Bullard continues: "Her vibe is quite hip. We have an amazing '70s crystal chandelier in the center of the room. It’s monochrome, black, and white. We make sure every possible thing you can want is within arm's reach." Okay, now I'm drooling.

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