Kendall Jenner's Limited-Edition Lipstick for Estée Lauder Is Here!

It's a good Monday morning in the beauty world when Estée Lauder spokesperson and modern muse (literally) Kendall Jenner announces that her limited-edition lipstick shade for the brand is officially here! The model shared the news on Instagram (but of course—with 29 million followers and counting, where else would a girl share such exciting news?), and the color is made for summer nights. It's officially named Restless, though it's also being called Kendall Jenner's Shade, and it's a punchy, statement-making hue that's part poppy, part orange crush, "all matte, and all Kendall." A bold, high-impact red-meets-orange has been a big theme for Jenner's collaboration with the brand, from her red power suit in the first ad for the Modern Muse perfume to the outfit she wore as Estée Lauder's guest to the Fragrance Foundation Awards. Keep scrolling to see what the color looks like on Jenner herself, as well as to snag one of the lipsticks for yourself. They're exclusive and limited-edition (not to mention the cap is signed), so you should probably take the opportunity while you still have a chance—we have a feeling it won't be long before Kendall Jenner's Shade is sold out and making the rounds on eBay for triple the price.