Lucy Hale’s Makeup Artist Tells Us Her Foundation Application Secrets

Plus, she shares her spring beauty predictions.

Lucy Hale


Reese Witherspoon, Lucy Hale, and Emma Chamberlain know exactly what they want when sitting in their glam chair—a flawless makeup look. As the go-to makeup artist for each of these ladies, Kelsey Deenihan always delivers. Whether you're familiar with her face or not, Deenihan’s work has more than likely appeared on your social media timeline. Known for her bold lip and skin-like foundation techniques, the L.A.-based makeup artist is behind some of the most iconic and eye-catching looks of our time. 

As we quickly approach the warmer months, the transition into springtime glam can seem overwhelming—especially with the uncertainty of how the ongoing pandemic will affect our plans. That's why we spoke to Deenihan to find out how we can seamlessly adapt our makeup routines for the impending warmer weather. She also dished to us about the products she's always using on her celebrity clients. Keep scrolling to read everything Deenihan had to say.

Tailor Your Skincare Routine

Granted, the harshness of winter is almost behind us. However, Deenihan cautions us never to let the warmer temperatures persuade us into neglecting our at-home skincare routines. For the celebrity MUA, customizing your daily regimen is a must. To do so, she urges you to categorize your skin and treat it accordingly. 

  • For oily skin: "If you have oily skin, consider using an oil-free matte moisturizer, like Embryolisse Hydra Mat Emulsion Moisturizing Face Cream ($30). You may also want to consider adding an oil-control primer, eye cream, and lip balm to your beauty routine," she suggests. 
  • For dry skin: "If your skin is on the drier side, apply a heavy moisturizer. My go-to is the Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream Rich ($230), along with a hydrating serum eye cream and lip balm," she tells us.
  • For non-acne prone or combination skin: "For someone who has non-acne prone or combo skin, I like to use Augustinus Bader The Cream ($265) or La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream ($345)"

Get Bold With Colorful Eyes

While minimalist makeup has seen a spike in interest since the beginning of the pandemic (even on Twitter), more people are in search of ways to showcase their creative sides, despite wearing a mask. 

The easiest way to show your personality this spring? Deenihan encourages us to create colorful eye looks. "There’s no reason we can’t have fun while wearing a mask," she shares. "To achieve the look, I highly suggest looking for a blendable and long-wear cream shadow like SeneGence ShadowSense Eyeshadows ($22). They are amazing and have a variety of highly pigmented colors."

Deenihan predicts that we’re going to be seeing a lot more color this spring. To be on-trend, she proposes experimenting with colored liners, mascaras, or brightly colored eyeshadows. 

For those who may be a bit hesitant to make a statement with bold eyeshadows, she simply suggests adding a bit of color along your waterline for "an unexpected pop of brightness" or filling in your brows for an easy eye-catching look.

Think Matte, Not Dry

While speaking with the master of matte foundation, we knew we’d be remiss if we didn’t ask about her application secrets. Deenihan says that her biggest tip on achieving her signature matte glam starts with a thorough skincare routine. 

"You have to make sure that your skin is prepped and hydrated before you apply foundation," she tells us exclusively. "Then, use a matte finish foundation."

The combination of an oil-free mattifying moisturizer, a blurring matte primer, and a matte finish foundation will all help you achieve your desired look without your skin appearing parched.

Deenihan’s Step-By-Step For Flawless Foundation Application:

  1. Start by placing a few small dabs of foundation on your cheeks and between your eyebrows. 
  2. Next, begin to work the product into the center of the face, followed by buffing it out toward the perimeter. 
  3. If any areas need a bit more coverage, use a sponge to stipple more product on the skin in a pressing motion. Avoid using a wiping motion, which can remove the underlying product.
  4. Be sure to follow up with a light dusting of loose powder in the T-zone to prevent any natural topical oils from coming through. 
  5. Lastly, add depth back to the cheekbones with SeneGence BlushSense ($30) in Bronze.
SeneGence BlushSense $30.00

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