Kelly Rowland Gets Real About Beauty for Women of Color

I could sing you every single Kelly Rowland verse that ever existed. I've been a fan of the megastar since we all knew and loved her as one-third of Destiny's Child. Since her teenage singing stardom, she's evolved into the most incredible businesswoman, author, mom, wife, fashion and beauty icon, and all-around inspiration to women everywhere. Unsurprisingly, my heart was pounding as I walked into the room anticipating my five minutes with her. I grew up remixing her performance dances for my elementary school talent show, and as a 26-year-old woman, I was about to sit down at the same table with her for an intimitate chat. Life is wild. 

Rowland is a Schick F.a.b. ambassador, and to celebrate the success of the bi-directional razor, we chatted about all things beauty. Naturally, we discussed what it's like being a woman of color who is a beauty consumer and what that means in 2018. We touched on diversity, her very own soon-to-be makeup line, the moments she feels the most beautiful, and more.