Exclusive: Kelly Osbourne's No-BS Approach to Beauty

In 2010, Kelly Osbourne did something drasticshe dyed her hair a shocking shade of lavender. The reception wasn't the warmest, but Osbourne didn't give a damn. “I was barraged for two years for dyeing my hair this color,” she tells us. “But I knew that it made me truly happy, and that’s all that mattered.” This “stand up to the naysayers” mentality is something she applied to all aspects of her life—from career to relationships and, of course, her fashion and beauty choices. It has served her well, too, helping her launch her own clothing line, a gig on E!’s buzzy Fashion Police, and a just-announced role as a judge on Lifetime’s new series, Project Runway Junior. Osbournes rebel spiritthe very one people loved to criticize—was the very thing that led to her unexpected new role: a trendsetter. (FYI: Pastel hair is officially cool now.)

Tomorrow, however, Osbourne will be lending her expertise to a different type of event—namely, a makeup awards show. The fourth annual NYX FACE Awards will feature six finalists, all vying for the title of Beauty Vlogger of the Year and unveiling their makeup masterpieces to Osbourne and a panel of judges. As a rebel beauty icon in her own right, Osbourne seemed a natural choice for hosting gig—and when we got the chance to ask her all our pressing beauty questions before the big night, we jumped at the opportunity. From the one thing she never leaves home without to her advice to her 16-year-old self, keep scrolling to find out Osbourne’s no-BS beauty mentality.