I Never Wear Bold Eye Shadow—Can This YouTube Tutorial Convince Me To?

This month here at Byrdie UK, we’re focusing on the idea of being reborn, using the start of spring as a catalyst to reconsider our beauty identity—who we want to be and how we want to behave within the beauty space. We’re all well aware of the transformative powers of makeup, so why is it that so many of us find ourselves applying the same makeup look day in and day out, especially when there’s so much joy to be found in adventuring beyond the bounds of our beauty comfort zones? That’s why we’re putting our money where our mouth is, challenging ourselves to try out a makeup tutorial a far cry from our individual style to see if pushing the boundaries can teach us anything about our own beauty identity. This week for #ByrdieTriesIt, I’m putting Kaushal’s Bronze Spring Glam look a go.

Amy Lawrenson

Last month I met Kaushal, founder of Kaushal Beauty on YouTube. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she's seriously talented too. Her channel is packed full of makeup tutorials that help inspire her avid subscribers (she has almost two million of them) to try a new look. I never really wear eye shadow beyond muted taupes, and occasionally on a balmy summer day I'll stretch to an orange, but greens, blues and purples? Forget it.

I was woefully unprepared to follow the tutorial—in fact, I didn't have any of the actual products Kaushal used on hand. Instead I had to get creative: I managed to find some green eye shadows in a couple of palettes I had lying around, and I have far too many brown, bronze and taupe eye shadows for one person, so I was all good there.

What's great about following YouTube tutorials is that you can ad-lib. I started diligently following along, but without the same products, I had to take the look into my own hands using Kaushal's how-to as a guide. I also didn't have a whole lot of time to get the look done, so if I was to do this for a special occasion, I'd definitely set aside enough time to get it right (you need around 30 minutes for the eyes alone).

Generally when I apply eye shadow, I stick to one or two colours max. If you want to create a blended eye look like this with four or five shadows, you need good tools. Despite being a beauty editor, since eye shadow isn't really my thing, I didn't have the right brushes for the job, and I wasn't able to blend as effectively as I would have liked (noted for next time—yep, I think there could be a next time).

I gave the look my best shot. Kaushal's version is definitely brighter, and I love the depth of the smoky colour at the outer corners. She finished with a pair of false lashes; I, however, felt more comfortable sticking with my trusty mascara.

Amy Lawrenson

While I won't be forgoing my daily dose of Bobbi Brown taupe eye shadow anytime soon for something this intricate, I'll definitely consider a look like this for a special occasion. I have a wedding in September to go to, and since my version of Kaushal's look is a bit more autumnal, I might try it again then. Especially as the longer I wore it the more lived-in and better it actually looked.

What I have remembered from sitting down to this tutorial is that I get so much joy out of playing with makeup—it's so creative, and it's fun to try new looks. It reminded me that as a child I'd spend countless hours applying makeup to any grown-up who would let me at 'em (or my makeup mannequin; google them—they're a bit freaky). So if any of my friends are reading this and fancy a girls' night out where I can put my resurgent makeup artistry to good use, call me.

If you want to re-create my version of Kaushal's look, shop the key products below.

Revolution Pro Regeneration Trends Celestial Palette $8

I applied the shade Transit (top-left corner) all over the eyelid up to the crease. I then used a windscreen-wiper motion to create a halo of red just above the crease using the shade Terrine (bottom row, third from the right).

Revolution Pro Refill Eyeshadow Pack $5

I intensified the halo of red with the orange and brown shadows from this set. I used the darkest shade on the outside corners of my eyelid.

Decorté Eye Glow Gem in BE 387 $30

Next I patted on some of this shimmering gel onto the inside of my eyelid. And then I used a bigger brush to blend all the shadows together.

Pat McGrath Mothership II: Sublime Palette $90

To brighten the inner corners of my eyes, I dabbed a little of the pearly, iridescent shadow from this palette (bottom right). Then I hugged my lower lash lines with the green hue.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Haight $15

To give a slightly more teal effect to the under-eye line, I added a little of this blue, shimmering shadow.

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara $25

I finished with a good slick of this volumising mascara.

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