Exclusive: Why Katy Perry Hates Working Out (but Loves Contouring)

To call Katy Perry a “rainbow fairy unicorn princess” might seem like overkill, but those are the exact words that came to mind when I walked into L.A.’s famed Magic Castle and saw her perched by a giant purple perfume bottle emblazoned with the words “Mad Potion.” Surely, as is the case with many celebrities, her mystique would fade as I approached her—but no. In fact, up close, her magical aura only seemed more pronounced, her hair a lavender cotton candy cloud, her skin glowy and poreless, and her luscious lashes inexplicably twinkly. Little did I know that in just a few short minutes, we would be talking about diapers. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

If there’s one thing you learn after meeting Katy Perry, it’s that she’s candid, likable, and remarkably relatable, considering her Technicolor exterior. This may explain why her legions of fans—self-proclaimed KatyCats—look to her not only for the perfect hook-laden song to describe their lives (mine is “The One That Got Away,” in case you were wondering) but also for inspiration in every other aspect of their lives. Today, we’re here to focus on the beauty part—more specifically, fragrance, perhaps the most personal part of any woman’s beauty routine. I was eager to learn how Perry dreamed up her newest brew, Mad Potion ($30), a concoction that smells like vanilla, creamy musk, and, well, how you might imagine a fairy princess would smell. “I wanted something feminine, bold, and mysterious,” she explains. “I also love gourmand type of fragrances. I love anything that makes you kind of edible to a person.” Strangely, these words did not sound weird coming out of her mouth—I nodded along understandingly, like being edible was something I, too, had wanted all my life. Because when you’re in the presence of Katy Perry, you suddenly find yourself falling under her spell—which would explain why I felt the strong urge to purchase cat ears after leaving Magic Castle later that night. 

From contouring to her first scent memory (which involves diapers), keep scrolling to read the entire interview!