The Tiny (but Brilliant) Hack I Learned From This Makeup Artist's Tutorial

Some people avoid glitter eye shadow at all costs because they think it's difficult to apply correctly and even more difficult to pull off confidently. Sure, bold light-reflecting sparkle can be a little intimidating if you tend to go for a subtle and understated look, but makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes proves it's totally doable and wearable for anyone at any makeup skill level. 

For one, she's uses glitter gel. Unlike fussy loose pigment pots, you can apply gel with your fingers how Hughes does in the video. Second, if the focus is on your eyes, you don't need a bevy of products to cake onto your face or lips—maybe just a little concealer here and a touch of blush there. As Hughes shows us (at five minutes and twenty seconds into the video), you can even use the blush as lip color. Talk about expert makeup hacks. To see the whole look, as well as to see all six of the products she uses to achieve it, watch the video.