The Glorious Evolution of Kate Moss's Beauty Look

It's safe to say Kate Moss's face, like Helen of Troy's, could launch a thousand ships. It's definitely inspired millions of women to dabble with a kohl eye or dare to wear a bold red lip (which, by the way, we still don't know how Kate manages to make look so effortless). Mossy is a style icon for a generation, and it's fair to say she'll be inspiring women for years to come.

A look back at her best beauty looks from 1989 to the present day proves that her easy-going approach to hair and makeup means it never looks try-hard and rarely looks dated. When talking with Byrdie UK in London recently, she said her beauty mantra was "Don't take it too seriously!" Trouble is we can all but guarantee you're going to become seriously obsessed with all Kate's best looks. Keep scrolling to see the beauty evolution of London's most famous face…

Next up, Kate Moss's top 10 beauty and style tips.

This story was originally published on Byrdie UK.