A Look Back at Kate Moss's Unstoppable Beauty Game


Getty/ Dave M. Benett

There's a photograph of Kate Moss, taken by Bruce Weber for Vogue in 2006, that shows the model holding herself up on a dock, her polka-dot dress trailing behind her in the water and her heeled booties kicked up in the air. I remember seeing this image a decade ago, struck by the serene beauty of the setting, only to look closer and see so much more: She's ruining her dress; a tough, DGAF expression flickers across her face; but she's somehow as much a part of the scene as she is disturbing it. And that, to me, is Kate Moss: enigmatic, rule-breaking, wave-making, even a little chaotic. But her place in the industry—and as an icon—is seamless. Solid.

Just by observing her fashion and beauty choices, you can see how aware Moss is of her own versatility and agelessness—or maybe it's that she simply doesn't care. (Probably the latter, come to think of it.) She looks as comfortable with no makeup as she does in a smoldering smoky eye, not to mention the Bowie-inspired, glittery star that adorned her face on her 34th birthday eight years ago. While other celeb hair-and-makeup looks that hit the red carpet are predictably beautiful, many of them are also predictably the same (or at least variations of the same). We need more glittery stars. We need a beauty idol like Kate Moss.

So in honor of what's sure to be another year of toying with the norm, we're counting down a few of the reasons the model will always be an icon to us.

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