Kate Middleton's Go-To Conditioner Costs $12

Whether she intends to be or not, Kate Middleton is a trendsetter through and through. When the duchess is spotted wearing a dress undoubtedly fit for royalty, there's a good chance it'll sell out before you can even add the item to your shopping cart. As for her hair, Kate's simple and consistent mane is often the topic of conversation in the beauty world, especially after she got an uncharacteristically short chop recently. True to our own royal-family enthusiast ways, we've found ourselves entranced by Kate's beauty look, perking up anytime we hear of a treatment, look, or product that the duchess endorses. However, while the royal's hair regimen may sometimes be much too steep for our liking, we were thrilled to hear that her stylist, Richard Ward, uses an affordable shampoo-conditioner hybrid that's now available for purchase stateside.

Ward calls this two-in-one cleanser a "one-trick pony," and the reason is pretty self-explanatory. We love a good do-it-all product, but we're truly more intrigued by the fact that it's fit for the duchess. 

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