Exclusive: Kate Hudson Tells Us All About Her New Holistic Supplement Line

INBLOOM is for minimalism enthusiasts and the aesthetically obsessed.

Kate Hudson

 Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s beauty launch is not what you think. The actress and Fabletics founder has a new baby, INBLOOM—a line of bioavailable supplement powders made with whole-food nutrients and full-spectrum herbal blends. INBLOOM is nutrition from nature, which means it's 100% plant-based with no synthetic ingredients. Before you think, “Oh, great. Another celebrity wellness launch,” hear Kate Hudson out. We chat with the actress and newly-minted supplement brand founder about the dual role her supplements play in the nutrition world and beauty world, plus what sets INBLOOM apart from its competitors.

“I wanted to make it simple. I also wanted to create a very holistic system that if you wanted everything, that you would use everything,” she explains. “For some people it’s really important to take three pills at a time or just a lot of different things, but I personally feel that it's daunting for so many and they just don't stick with it. So, how do you create something that has everything you need in one go? That was [the idea behind] my Essential Elements. You get a hundred percent of your vitamins, minerals and greens. I just down it in the morning and feel like I've accomplished that part of my day.” The brand’s debut product lineup features: Beauty Aura ($49), an inside-out beauty complex; Brain Flow ($49), a full-spectrum cognition blend; Energy Shift ($49), a balanced energy boost; Dream Sleep ($49), an herbal slumber blend; and Essential Elements ($59), a spin on the daily multivitamin. 

Her favorite of the bunch? Brain Flow. She credits its powers from being a great hangover cure-all to a stand-in for your mid-day cup of Joe. “I have it all the time with hot water and I’ll make a tea out of it. And it's really good with almond milk. It's like hot chocolate, but it's medicinal,” says the mom of three.

I just down it in the morning and feel like I've accomplished that part of my day.

The products do contain a small amount of filler ingredients, but Hudson stresses the fillers are all-natural, very minimal, and there for a reason. “The only reason why we would use anything is to help blend," she explains. The non-synthetic fillers cancel out any medicinal taste that nutrition supplements are notorious for having. Hudson and her team of health professionals were able to make sure that the products were still very much pure.

She continues, “Psychologically, a lot of people think that the more you use supplements, the more you're getting. Right? That is not the way I want to talk to people. My thing is like, ‘No, I want to put as little as possible and I want you to know that I made it very concentrated and simple.’”

As if these couldn’t get anymore holistic, the powders are sustainably sourced with earth-friendly and reusable packaging. So, let’s talk aesthetics. “I wanted the line to feel like beauty products that you want on your counter,” she says of the white, minimalist glass jars. It’s true—we could see these carefully arranged on our kitchen countertops like one would organize their makeup brushes on a vanity. 

 I wanted the line to feel like beauty products that you want on your counter.

The idea of the minimalist jars extends into this bigger minimalist mindset that encapsulates the line. Hudson is a big believer in not over supplementing. “I think we get a lot from our foods and it's important to know what we eat," she says. "There's no supplement that's going to help if you're not sleeping well, or if you're not taking care of yourself in other areas...If you're gonna try to sell people a product, you’ve got to be honest about the reality of what the health and wellness really is. It's a whole world that you need to learn about. So, this gives me an opportunity to really talk about it." Spoken like a true wellness queen if there ever was one.

Oh, and if you Fabletics fans (*raises hand*) are wondering about an INBLOOM collab, we promise you won’t be waiting long. 

Kate Hudson in partnership with Syllable launch INBLOOM exclusively on ToBeINBLOOM.com on August 25.

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