This Product Is the Secret to Kate Hudson's Sculpted Bum

woman doing yoga


For more than a decade, Kate Hudson has reigned as one of our fitness queens. As the co-founder and face of Fabletics, she certainly lives the brand. Her (must-follow) Instagram is dotted with enviable workout gear along with some serious fitness inspo. But the latest piece of merch Hudson has been using to maintain her toned physique, specifically her enviable derrière, is totally out of the box.

On Monday, Kate shared a pic of herself exercising with her self-proclaimed “new obsession,” the Booty Belt. This product is essentially a series of resistance bands that anchor around your waist and connect to your ankles. It promises to target your backside through boosting intensity during specific types of movement, like bicycle kicks, leg raises, and other variations. In other words, it’s a serious toner and lifter. According to Booty Belt, “The isolated burn fused with the pumping action promotes the leaning and toning of the muscles” to show almost “immediate results.”

Keep in mind that your idea of immediate may differ slightly compared to theirs. It’s recommended that the Booty Belt be used for 30 days straight, while following a healthy diet, to see desired results. But if Kate’s body is any indication, we know to take her recommendation seriously. Shop the Booty Belt below!

Booty Belt System (Deluxe) $100

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