From Wrinkles to Meditation: Kate Bosworth on Beauty and Empowerment

Updated 05/01/19
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Since catapulting to fame as a teenager, it would seem from the outside that Kate Bosworth has an ever-evolving collection of hats—actress, fashion icon, producer—each showcasing a sparkling performance, production, or collaboration worn with untethered determination. But if her recent interview is any indication, for Bosworth, it's not so much about the gradual accumulation of projects, roles, and red carpet style moments, but about being honest and unveiling her true character and intentions. Lately, Bosworth is shedding her layers, honing in on her true, "whiskey-drinking, football-loving, tomboy" self, and serving up some deliciously refreshing lessons on empowerment as she moves into the producer's chair.

All while twirling in Dolce & Gabbana, no less.

In a revealing interview with Hillary Kerr, Bosworth provides some much-appreciated insights about what makes her tick. From the cathartic nature of a centering meditation app to the skin-saving powers of an organic facial peel, she handily narrates how her beauty aesthetic has developed and adapted over the years, and she shares some key lessons along the way.

Keep reading for Kate Bosworth's must-read notes on staying balanced, empowered, and curious.

Kate Interview
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Secret #1: Take Baby Steps

"I think that confidence is a process, not a destination; there's a journey to it. Every time you do something [new], you own it a little bit more, in a slightly different way, and that changes everything. You bring what you learn on each project to the next thing, and start to understand the scope of your power."

Kate Interview
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Secret #2: Embrace Wrinkles

"I'm interested in looking at the idea of beauty, and what that means now. As I've gotten older, I'm more attracted to an authentic understanding of the dynamics of beauty—and that's truly just from age and experience. If you look at a line on someone's face, to me, it's like oh, they've earned that. That's interesting."

Secret #3: Stay Authentic

"We're getting to a saturated point of a beauty that's not realistic. I think it's a very important moment to acknowledge what's beneath an artifice because, clearly, we're in a moment where the bubble is going to burst."

Kate Interview
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Secret #4: Exercise for Your Endorphins

"I think exercise is really important. I do a mix of cardio—I like to run. That's where I get the greatest boost of endorphins. I'll run twice a week, and my husband and I are also quite dedicated to Pilates right now. I think getting into your body is really important. That's something my dad taught me, and I would never have predicted the positive impact it can have on mental health."

Secret #5: Exercise Your Mind

"When life feels especially demanding, like when I'm on set or the lead in a movie, I'm almost militant in how I approach routine. That's actually how I got into [meditation app] Headspace. I would go to the set in the morning—sometimes it's as early as 3 or 4 a.m.—and I would have my breakfast, put my headphones in, and meditate while getting my hair and makeup done."

Kate Interview
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Secret #6 Eat to Fuel

"I remember when I was about 25 years old and for lunch, I'd get a huge plate of spaghetti. Not long afterward, I would have a carb crash and I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes open. It was that moment of realizing food needed to become my fuel. Drinking enough water, eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly—that's really when I'm at my best."

Secret #7 Care for Your Skin

"I don't think I've ever missed [washing my face at night]. That's an OCD thing. It doesn't matter how crazy the night is—always. Scientific Organics Face Peels ($90) are really amazing, and the brand also has a great vitamin C moisturizer. I use that, and I really love Joanna Vargas's masks ($75)."

Kate Interview
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Secret #8: Surprise People

"I'm not quite sure how people see me. I mean, most people would probably be surprised to know how tomboyish and earthy I am. On most days, I don't wear much makeup, and I don't own a blow-dryer. It's been that way since high school. I've always been this person."

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