Kate Bosworth's Pre–Red Carpet Skincare Hack Is Pure Genius

Sometimes when you meet a celebrity in person, they're the exact picture of what you had imagined them to be—it's as if you're meeting up with a friend you haven't seen in years, and there they are, standing right before you, just as you remember them. But in the case of Kate Bosworth, standing in front of her is as if I'm looking at a real-life Emmy statue. She's dressed in a rose gold Jason Wu number, gold shoes, and accompanying golden hair, and I feel tempted to thank the Academy in her presence.

We're standing in a gorgeous room in a loft in downtown Manhattan celebrating the launch of Aczone 7.5%, a prescription acne treatment I've used since high school and Bosworth herself uses once daily. The room is equipped with directors' chairs and mirrors surrounded by round bulbs—it's as if we're in a movie trailer, a comfortable environment for Bosworth, I presume. 

"You have beautiful skin!" she says as soon as we meet. "I use Aczone!" I tell her, feeling an immediate connection. She has an instantaneous way of making you feel comfortable despite the fact that she's an otherworldly doll-like creature. 

Because the topic of the day is skin, I ask Bosworth exactly what she does to get that complexion. "I’ve struggled with acne around the chin ever since I was a teenager. We associate acne with teenage years, which is absolutely the case. I have an 18-year-old stepdaughter who, I look at her, and she has beautiful skin, but I always think, Oh I remember those days! That was really tough! [Laughs]. In a different way. It never really leaves you. I mean, you'll have issues with your skin and your body and you just have to find ways to balance everything out.

How does Bosworth find balance? With a simple, regimented routine. "It changes a little from day to day and from day to night. Generally in the morning and in the evening, I cleanse with Epicuren Herbal Cleanser ($59) and it's followed by Epicuren Acidophilus Moisturizer ($56) or a moisture-rich cream if I feel a little drier. Then sunscreen—I really like La Roche-Posay SPF 60 sunscreen ($30) and then just really a little bit of light makeup if I'm going out, but if not, I don’t worry about it. And at night, it's essentially the same routine, except for Aczone—after washing and before moisturizer—and then a night cream."

Another thing we have in common? Our deep-seated love for Joanna Vargas's masks. Though Bosworth lets me in on a secret: Her key to perfect red carpet–worthy skin lies in layering. "I use Joanna Vargas’s gel eye patch ($65) and then I put the eye mask over it ($65)—so it locks the gel in, and if you really want to get wild, you can put the whole face mask over all of that, so it's like a three-layer. They're amazing—they’re the best face masks I've ever tried."

The conversation then turns to fitness, a topic I'm dying for Bosworth to dive into, given her lithe and lean frame. But what I expected to be daily crunch time at the gym is actually a much more manageable routine. "I do about 20–40 minutes, depending on my schedule—I like to try and do three days a week if I can. I'll do cardio for about 25 minutes and then I'll do 10, 15, or 20 minutes of resistance bands on my legs, as well as squats lunges and push-ups. You can really do them anywhere. There's a great app—the 7-Miunte Workout (free for iTunes and Android). So even if I don't have a lot of time, I'm like, You know what, I'm just gonna go do that, you know, and you can easily accomplish that."

But don't think her toned figure is the result of eating Five Guys (though that is her current fave burger spot for when she's feeling the cravings). Bosworth's diet is strict, though she still lets herself enjoy the good stuff. "I’ve been able to find what makes me feel the best, and that's a combo of what I put in my body or what I put on my body. Particularly when I'm working or when I really need to feel my best, my sharpest, and my clearest, the types of foods that I'll ingest—I'll stay away from anything inflammatory, so that includes sugar, wheat, dairy—all the things we really like [laughs], but it's those things that make me quite tired and cause things to show up on my skin. And it's really about just feeling like you have a lot of energy and feeling great. I like to live that way when I absolutely have to and it's necessary. Then when I have some time off, I have the cheat days. It's important— you have to have fun and enjoy it, so those will be the days I'll go get burgers with my husband or go get some birthday truffles at Momofuku around the corner and really indulge."

As our time comes to an end, I sneak in a quick question about her eyes. If you've never noticed them (how could you not?), Bosworth has heterochromia iridium, a condition that results in a difference in coloration typically affecting the iris. As a result, she has one hazel eye and one blue eye. They're mesmerizing, though, and even much more so in person. 

"I never really thought about it—you know the things you're born with, you don't give it a second thought. A lot of other people notice it, and I'm always like, Oh, thanks! you know, but I don't think about it too much. I think about it a little when I'm shooting, because sometimes when you photograph my face, since [my eyes are] a different color, it almost gives an optical illusion that something's bigger or smaller. You see that more obviously with Bowie, so sometimes I have to talk to the [photographer] about how he photographs my face just because it gives an illusion that something's a little off." Off? More like insanely beautiful.

I bid Emmy-like Bosworth adieu, and she's just as gracious leaving as she was coming in. And fortunately, no music came on to play me off during our chat.

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