Why This Cult-Loved Liquid Lipstick Has Over One Million "Loves" on Sephora

If you click over to Sephora's website (who are we kidding, the tab is probably already open), you'll notice a little heart next to the reviews on any given product page, otherwise known as the "loves." By clicking the icon, Sephora.com users can give their stamp of approval. For popular products, you'll notice tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of loves. But recently we were stopped dead in our tracks when we noticed that Kat Von D's cult-loved Everlasting Liquid Lipstick has a whopping 1060K loves. (If you aren't a "numbers" person like me, that's over a million.)

I've read several articles and reviews of this seemingly life-changing lipstick several times over, but I somehow never took it for a test-drive. Theoretically, I was only doing myself a disservice. I'm not much of a lipstick girl and mostly stick to liquid formulas since they're the only kind that seem to stay put for me, so a formula that claims to be a "matte finish that feels weightless all day long" and has over million fans is a no-brainer. At long last, I picked up a tube of Dare and applied it first thing in the morning.