Exclusive: Karrueche Tran Tells Us the One Skincare Essential She Swears By



Karrueche Tran is ready to Stir It Up with a new Facebook Watch show of the same name launching August 19. The Emmy-Award winning producer and actress is opening up about family, friends, and her journey to stardom in the series she says is offering a bit more of a peak into who she really is—outside of social media. Get ready dive deep into her life growing up with scoliosis, her relationship with boyfriend (and first guest) Victor Cruz, and how she gets her skin to look so good.

We caught up with Tran ahead of the premiere to discuss the skincare and life essentials getting her through quarantine, plus her food and fitness picks. And while she may be stirring up the metaphorical tea on-screen, there's actual tea, too—the 32 year-old loves tea and starts each episode with a favorite recipe. Watch the premiere here then keep scrolling for skincare recs, tea recipes, and more.

On Her Style Philosophy

"It’s understanding what looks good on me and what fits my style and my body, as opposed to what's the 'new hot trend' or what somebody else is wearing. I'm not going to wear something just because this person wore it and it looked great on them. Everybody has a different type of body and different vibe. What's important for my style is understanding what I feel comfortable in. And being comfortable can be in a dress, boyfriend jeans, sweats, or biker shorts—whatever my comfort level is. I am my most confident when I am comfortable."

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On Her Cooking Must-Have

"Across the board, the one thing that's most important for cooking is seasoning. I am very much into flavor when I'm in the kitchen—I definitely have a lot of seasoning. I love my Jamaican food. My god mom is Jamaican. Jamaican food is so delicious and so flavorful. If I have to say a staple seasoning, it’s Lawry’s Seasoned Salt ($2), onion powder, and garlic powder. I think you can season anything with those things and it will taste delicious."

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On Her Fitness Routine

"It's never too late to start—wherever you're at in your journey, go from there. I say that because I am so into wellness and fitness now, but I wasn't like this a couple years ago. It was like pulling teeth for me to go workout with my trainer. Even though I had one, I didn't enjoy it because I was intimidated. I felt too small and scrawny to work out. I hate working out at gyms in front of people because I feel like they're looking at me and judging me. Because I was just a beginner, I felt out of place, but I slowly progressed and understood different forms of fitness—yoga, weight [training], running."

"During quarantine, obviously the gyms are closed, so I started running. That’s one thing that I used to hate—cardio. I hated even getting on a treadmill. But it's different now. Last night I did a six mile run, which felt so great and empowering for me—I actually enjoy it now. Just know you can start anywhere, at any age, just as long as you start."

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On the Habit She Picked Up During Quarantine

"Arts and crafts. I have my 13 year-old niece and my 18 year-old nephew staying with me. It's been hard to find things to keep them occupied during this time, outside of our usual schedule of working out and running to the store. So I went to an art supply store and got a bunch of puzzles, canvases, and watercolor paint. We've been having a great time painting together. We do this really cool 'pour and paint' thing where you pour the paint on the canvas and move it around. We also did this 1000-piece puzzle that was driving us crazy, but we did it [laughs]. It’s so much fun to do it in a group setting. Crafts are my new favorite thing."

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On Her Skincare Routine

"The most important thing to know about skincare is understanding the type of skin that you have. I can sit here and tell you about every amazing product I love, but you might not have the same type of skin as me, so products might not work as well. It's just understanding and learning about your skin, trying new products, and seeing what works. Also [consider] if you travel a lot. Right now I'm in Woodland Hills, which is in the [San Fernando] Valley part of Los Angeles. It's much hotter and drier here, so I have to keep my face a little bit more moisturized than when I'm in New Orleans, where the weather is humid.

"When I'm in New Orleans, I do a dry mask once a month to soak up any extra oil. You have to pay attention to how your skin reacts to certain products. I cannot use any products with vitamin C because it breaks me out. These are things I've learned from trial and error. I use a really great serum from Chanel. It's their Hydra Beauty Micro Serum ($150). And I've been using that for three or four years now. It's pretty amazing. I always recommend it to everybody. It's one of those products that goes well with most skin types."

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On Her “Stir It Up” Essential

"My favorite tea is something supernatural, in an organic way. It’s fresh turmeric root and fresh ginger shaved and cut up, and I put that—I just kind of eyeball it—in hot water for ten to 15 minutes and it makes this ginger turmeric tea. It’s this clear, orangey color and it tastes so good. I am obsessed with ginger. It has this strong, spicy flavor. It's very warm and it’s good for your digestive system. I love how easy it is to make. I don't add honey. It’ll just take away that spice and be a little bit too sweet for me. But you can definitely add honey, if you'd like."

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