The CC Cream That Restored My Skin Self-Esteem

I struggle with a skin condition called perioral dermatitis (you can read my story on it here). Since it first started, my self-esteem has taken a hit. Anyone who has struggled with acne, rashes, scars, or even just occasional pimples probably understands what it’s like to feel hopelessly self-conscious about something you can’t seem to fix.

I wear a liquid full-coverage foundation to hide it on a daily basis. But when I applied Karora’s Skin Sensation CC Cream ($35) a few weeks ago, I felt genuinely happy with the way my skin looked for the first time in almost two years. I was blown away by its perfecting, masking quality. Suddenly, with one dollop of cream, my periorial dermatitis was undetectable. The result was something my full-coverage foundation and concealer had never been able to do. It reduces redness and hyper-pigmentation with skin-tone correcting botanicals, for an overall flawless-looking finish.

The cream is a universal shade for all skin tones. It comes out looking light latte-colored, but darkens as you begin to blend. Though the initial darkness looks a bit intimidating, don’t worry about the intensity—it’s a self-adjusting formula that soon blends perfectly, blurring away imperfections. 

Although it’s technically not a self-tanning product (the effect washes off at night), it does give your skin a fresh-from-vacation glow. The first day I wore it to work, three coworkers asked me if I’d gotten a spray tan—and not in a you-look-fake kind of way, but in an envious girl-how’d-you-do-that kind of way. 

Needless to say, the product’s “complexion perfection” promise delivers and it has officially earned its spot as the CC cream of my dreams. 

Have you ever tried this product? Do you have a favorite CC cream? Tell me below!