Breaking News: Your Favorite Supermodel Now Has a YouTube Channel

Supermodels have taken over social media. Gigi Hadid has millions of followers across her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Kendall Jenner actually set a record for the most liked photo on Instagram ever. We could go on and on about the social media stats for our favorite models. But none of them had a YouTube channel—until today. Karlie Kloss launched Klossy with a two-minute video that’s basically a sneak peek into her life and a teaser of what’s to come. Kloss remains vague about the specifics of what you’ll find on her channel, saying that she’s looking forward to sharing “her story and adventures.” We’re hoping those adventures include plenty of backstage beauty tips and perhaps a behind-the-scenes look at how she gets her skin so flawless and glowy 24/7. Until she spills those secrets, we recommend these luminizers for that supermodel glow.

Watch Karlie’s first video for Klossy below!