Exclusive: Karlie Kloss on Her Diet, Brows, and Staying Stress-Free

The first time I ever met Karlie Kloss was last year at an event—she was making her way down the red carpet, graciously stopping, smiling, and shaking hands with each journalist eagerly lined up to nab a sound bite during the two minutes we had with the statuesque model. I ask her a question I’ve asked several other celebrities: “How do you balance it all?”

I often expect the same answer: They find time for exercise, sleep, healthy food, and socializing to maintain a sort of internal homeostasis. But Karlie’s answer instantly threw me for a loop.

“After dinner tonight, I will be at my kitchen table writing a paper. I have a huge paper due tomorrow, so that’ll be fun. It’s for a writing class. But, like every woman, I multitask and make it work.”

I knew Kloss was attending NYU, but it didn’t even cross my mind that after posing for photographers in a couture gown while representing a billion-dollar cosmetic company she’d have to go home and… type up a term paper. She may have likened herself to “every woman,” but Kloss’s schedule is certainly in the minority.