How to Get Rid of Excess Water Bloat, According to The Kardashians' Dietitian

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It's perfectly normal to want to look and feel your best before a big event, vacation, or whatever your schedule calls for—we're only human after all. So for times when you're feeling bloated—or just not like yourself—and want to call on a quick remedy to kick your confidence back into gear, we hear you. Crash diets aren't our thing, so you won't be finding any sort of extreme cleanse, drink this concoction of lemon, pepper, and water and only that sort of plan here. No—instead, we tapped the brain of mastermind Philip Goglia, dietitian to stars like the Kardashians, Brie Larson, and Cara Delevingne, for his quick tricks to get clients red-carpet–ready without depriving their bodies.

Meet the Expert

Philip Goglia is a celebrity dietitian and founder of Performance Fitness Concepts, a physical and nutrition-based clinic in Santa Monica, CA. Goglia has been a consultant for the Marvel films, created a health and wellness novel, and has been featured in magazines such as People, In Touch, and Men's Fitness.

While these tips are great for a quick de-puff, de-bloat, and tone-up sesh before you walk the red carpet (or the sidewalk leading up to your friend's birthday bash), Goglia also has an amazing program that will help you re-set in one week. He calls it his G-Plan, the first-ever online seven-day meal plan for users, based on their metabolic body type. You'll just need to take a quiz beforehand so that the plan can be custom-tailored to your needs, and you're ready to go! But if you don't have seven days (or the funds to support a celebrity dietitian's advice), try the below tricks for quick fixes in a pinch.

Get Salty
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"The night before, I suggest taking an Epsom salt bath. You add 12 pounds of Epsom salt in hot bath water, soak for 20 minutes, wash off in cold water, go to bed, and wake up leaner!" says Goglia. Twelve pounds may sound like a lot, but the goal is to lose water weight, so the salt content is very high, as opposed to a few cups for a leisurely soak. We suggest a bit of moisturizing post-bath, however, so your skin doesn't scale from the dehydration

Eat and Drink Cucumbers
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"Add cucumber to your water to promote weight loss," says Goglia. Cucumber contains anti-inflammatory properties and is also a diuretic. Buh-bye, bloat!

Working out
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This may not be a quick fix, but Goglia says just an hour a day of working out is key for getting event-ready. "Do one hour of cardio daily, six days a week—alternative static heart cardio with dynamic interval pattern cardio every other day. And, of course, drink one liter of water while exercising."

Glass of water
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"Drink still water, not sparkling," says Goglia. "Try to drink minimally—1/2 an ounce per pound of body weight daily. The max is one ounce per one pound of body weight daily. "

No diary
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"Do not eat bread, dairy, or drink alcohol 12 days prior to the event," says Goglia, "and no starch at night! Eat fish and vegetables only at dinner, but stay away from bloating vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and corn."

Be "Prepared"
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You've heard of putting Preparation H under your eyes to tighten bags, but Goglia suggests applying it elsewhere, too. (No, not there.) "Use small amounts of Preparation H under your eyes, back of legs, and under your chin two nights before and the night before an event to help tighten skin."

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