Is This Why Men Always Look Younger Than Women?

Last year, one of the world's most superhumanly beautiful women, Cate Blanchett, told us her #1 secret to ageless skin: "Exfoliating," she said. "Look at men in their 40s, and then look at women in their 40s—for men, their skin looks really good because they shave every day." 

In mainstream American culture, we don't consider face shaving an anti-aging technique. But Blanchett isn't the only one who recognizes its skincare benefits. In Japan, women shave their faces at home as a part of their regular skincare routines. There, the technique is called kao sori, and it's "as common as tweezing your brows," says Japanese skincare expert and DHC Skincare editor Cynthia Popper. Everyone in Japan does it, from teens to people over 50. "Facial straight razors are found at every drugstore, and kao sori salons are ubiquitous," she says.

In the U.S., where face shaving is thought of as a boys-only endeavor, women often visit the dermatologist's office if they want the same benefits. There, they undergo a procedure called "dermaplaning," where a pro uses a sharp tool to exfoliate the surface of the skin and remove any hairs (aka face shaving).

However, Popper guarantees that American women can benefit from the anti-aging wonders of face shaving at home, just like the boys do. Keep scrolling to learn how regular face shaving can keep your skin youthful for decades, and find out how to do it yourself!

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