Exclusive: Take a First Look at Kandee Johnson's Trippy New Makeup Show

Debuting exclusively on Snapchat.

Kandee Johnson and Dain Yoo


Since Snap Originals' first rollout, it's clear the series was made for screenshotting and sharing in the group chat. From "did he just say that to him?" dating shows to celeb-filled segments (like the Will Smith-hosted "Will From Home"), Snapchat's original shows hosted within the app are nothing if not mesmerizing. And fortunately for us, the tradition continues on Dec. 26 with the premiere of "Fake Up", an all-new, physics-defying special effects makeup show hosted by beauty guru and YouTube trailblazer Kandee Johnson.

"Fake Up" isn't just a special effects competition, though. The eight-episode series is an optical illusion makeup show, in which the world's preeminent optical illusion artists battle it out with faces full of the most mind-boggling, eye-popping, gravity-bending makeup imaginable. The ultimate winner will be crowned by optical illusion master Dain Yoon (whose Instagram you have to see to believe) and Johnson herself.

Of course, this is Snapchat, which means innovation and interaction are the name of the game. It's not enough to just ogle the trippy looks—you can actually try them on. Thanks to Snapchat's face-fitting lenses, you can even try on the winning look at the end of every episode and send it to your friends. If you can't wait 'til the 26th to get in on the action, Byrdie has an exclusive first look at the trailer. Be warned: the second you watch the clip, you'll be inspired to break out the brushes, paint, and glue on your own.

"Fake Up" premieres Saturday, Dec. 26 only on Snapchat with new episodes airing every other day.

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