The One Superfood That Could Be Messing With Your Thyroid



We know that not all proteins are created equal and that certain fruits are sugar bombs to be avoided in excess. But veggies? Vegetables are sacred, and it's easy to gorge on our daily greens without so much as a fleeting ripple of guilt. (Even on cleanses or elimination diets, nutritional experts don't usually cap the serving sizes of this virtuous food category.) But this oversimplification might be our dietary downfall.

In truth, vegetables are just as nuanced as any other food group, even if they're exponentially healthier at large. Anything from the type of veggie we're consuming to the way we cook it can have a significant impact on its nutritional value and the way our body absorbs it. And believe it or not, even kale—the poster child for superfoods everywhere—is not immune.

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