Kaia Gerber on Fragrance, Her Biggest Beauty Icon, and How to Stay Sane While Traveling


Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford's otherworldly lookalike daughter, is only 17 years-old. Let that sink in for a second. She's been the star of multiple international ad campaigns, walked the runway for almost every major designer from New York to London to Paris and Milan, and she has a cool 4.3 million followers on Instagram. It's almost unbelievable to think such accolades belong to someone who hasn't even graduated high school yet—that is, until she speaks. Throughout our interview, she's thoughtful, well-spoken, and poised. We can't help but think that she's handling her supermodel stardom with aplomb (it probably helps to have an industry veteran in the family). That said, Gerber's success is all her own.

We interviewed Gerber after her campaign shoot for Marc Jacobs' newest fragrance, Daisy Love Eau So Sweet. It's floral, obviously, but also fruity (with notes of raspberry and sugar musk). It's sweet and chock-full of all the youthful, subtle, glittery notes that Gerber seems to radiate as part of her personality. "My partnership with Marc Jacobs Fragrances started about three years ago," Gerber tells us. "To continue working with the team, which has become almost like a family, has been really incredible. They’ve kind of seen me grow up over the past few years." Keep scrolling to read our exclusive interview with Gerber, in which she talks about her favorite kind of fragrance, her biggest beauty icon, her favorite hair and makeup looks, and more.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Love Eau So Sweet $84.00

"I like Daisy Love Eau So Sweet because it captures the sweetness of living in the moment and I think it’s the most playful out of all of the fragrances," Gerber says. "I think it's appealing when a fragrance parallels emotions and memories." For Gerber, the memories she associates with this fragrance are those she's gained from working with the brand, as well as those from her childhood. "I grew up in Malibu, so I was always surrounded by grass and nature and the ocean." Any scents that remind her of these memories are scents that she says she will keep coming back to. We get it. Our favorite fragrances also happen to be the most comforting and nostalgic.

Speaking of childhood, comfort, and nostalgia, Gerber looks to those closest to her for inspiration. She's quick to name her mom as her biggest beauty icon. "My beauty icon has always been my mom," she says. "I think she looks beautiful when she’s smiling and she’s herself; she’s taught me natural beauty and true beauty."

Staying "natural" is a cornerstone of her beauty philosophy, so it only makes sense that she takes a simplistic, no-frills approach when it comes to her daily routine. "I try to keep my skincare routine simple. I think the best thing that anyone has ever told me in regards to skincare is that less is more. I try to keep my routine clean, especially when I’m not working."

The same goes for hair and makeup. Unless she's walking a runway, or shooting a campaign, it's likely that Gerber is sporting an effortless, fresh-faced look, just like the breezy Malibu beach-goer that you'd expect. "I feel most beautiful when I feel like myself," Gerber says, in a very wise-beyond-her-years type of way. "Right now, a very simple hair and makeup look feels like me."

While she opts for a natural hair and makeup look on her days off, Gerber is quick to point out that she appreciates makeup "as a conceptual art form." Being a supermodel means you spend hours sitting in a makeup chair, surrounded by some of the most respected brands and most accomplished artists in the industry. Gerber has put that time to good use, observing makeup artists at work. "I've learned so much," she says. "It's like watching a painter paint a canvas. It’s just gives you more of an appreciation and a different view on makeup. It lets you express yourself."

Something else that comes with the supermodel territory is travel, and lots of it. Between walking in foreign fashion shows and shooting on location, Gerber has racked up an impressive amount of frequent flyer miles. We were curious to know how she handles her busy schedule and all of the stress that comes with it. "Sleep is very important when you’re traveling a lot to get your body clock on the time zone that you’re in. I also like to spend time with my family. I don’t want the distance to create space in the relationships that I have, so I try to keep in touch with them."

Aside from a healthy amount of sleep and what we're assuming is a lot time spent FaceTiming her friends and family, she swears by the power of pen and paper. "I think people would be surprised to know that I write on paper," she says. "People of my generation don’t really use pen and paper, but I do. Even when I’m traveling I always bring a notebook with me, and I don’t think I’ll ever give that up," she says. (This is a good tip, because journaling has been proven to help alleviate nagging stress and anxiety).

Before our interview was up, we wanted to know, what's next for the supermodel? We expected her to say something about the next fashion week, or perhaps an upcoming endorsement or ad campaign, but no, it was a much more simple answer than that. She's planning on taking a road trip. "I've made it a goal of mine to do a road trip up the coast," Gerber tells us. Sure, she might be surrounded by fame and luxury, but she's still a normal 17 year-old at heart.

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