Kaia Gerber Just Gave Us the Best Advice on How to Style Our Eyebrows

Kaia Gerber, in case you didn't know, is the model of the moment. She's the daughter of original supermodel Cindy Crawford, and she's the spitting image of her mother. And thanks to the most recent fashion month, Kaia is currently the hottest model right now. From walking underneath the Eiffel Tower for Saint Laurent to looking super cool at the Burberry show, it appears that not only has she got looks from her mother, but she's also inherited the ability to make a real impact on the catwalk. As if that CV wasn't enough for the 16-year-old, this year she also became the face of Daisy Marc Jacobs. We were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with her to discuss her beauty advice, the stuff she steals from her mum's wardrobe (well, of course), and what it's like growing up in the spotlight.

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Kaia Gerber

BYRDIE UK: How would you describe your beauty style?

KAIA GERBER: It's super simple. I'm a student, and I go to school every day, but it's still fun to play every once in a while. Day to day, it's usually blush for me—on the eyes and on my cheeks. I love that look so much as you don't have to be wearing any other makeup. The Marc Jacobs blush is so good. It's a powder blush, and it makes you look fresh.

BYRDIE UK: Who are your biggest beauty inspirations?

KG: I'd say it's my mom. I grew up watching her, and she always told me about natural beauty and not trying to alter yourself. But the best piece of advice she ever gave me is to never touch my brows.

BYRDIE UK: Why did you decide to be the face of Daisy Marc Jacobs?

KG: I think the new campaign is super light and free-spirited and really feminine. It basically embodies exactly who I am, as it's such a clean fragrance featuring sandalwood, plus it's still girly, which is my personality.

Kaia Gerber: with mum Cindy Crawford

BYRDIE UK: You've got amazing hair—what's your secret?

KG: I just don't touch it, but people can make the mistake of putting too much heat on it, and obviously because of my job, it takes a beating anyway, so I try not to touch it. I don't even know if you're supposed to, but I don't wash it every day.

BYRDIE UK: What's the best beauty advice you've received from people in the industry (e.g., hairstylists and makeup artists)?

KG: I love when I'm on set and they brush my eyebrows up; it looks cool and natural. I like them when they're up and messy, as it just looks really youthful.

BYRDIE UK: What's the best thing you've borrowed from you mum's wardrobe?

KG: We're not the same shoe size—I would steal everything otherwise. I always try to wear her good vintage leather jackets. I should bring back all the vintage pieces—mom, you're not going to see them again. [Laughs.]

Kaia Gerber: at the Marc Jacobs Daisy campaign

BYRDIE UK: Are there any high-street fashion brands you love?

KG: I'm the worst at shopping. I'm kind of a tomboy, actually, but I love vintage clothing. All my mom's archive Melrose Trading Post vintage boots. To be honest, I just love the '70s, as it had the coolest style, with people experimenting with things like bell-bottoms.

BYRDIE UK: Buzz cuts are everywhere right now. Would you ever consider doing anything like that?

KG: I mean, I think that they can totally pull it off, and it looks so cool on some people. I'm not weird about what I would and wouldn't do. It all depends on what kind of point in my career I'm at.

BYRDIE UK: Growing up, did you always want to be a model? Or are there other career paths that interest you?

KG: I didn't really think about it until recently. And then I realised it was something that I could actually do. For a while, I wanted to be a singer, then a teacher, and still do want to study psychology. But I've always had [modelling] in the back of my mind.

BYRDIE UK: What's one thing people get wrong about you?

KG: I think that people underestimate how hard I work. I think that people don't understand how difficult modelling is and the hours you work.

BYRDIE UK: Growing up in this industry is unique. What's the best way for you to stay grounded?

KG: I think that because I still go to high school every day, when I come back home, that really helps me. Plus, I had the same friends before I was modelling, so that definitely helps.

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