Justine Skye

Justine Skye Talks About the Most Transformative Time in Her Life

She's more in-charge of her career and confidence than ever before.

Justine Skye isn't a newcomer—by any means—to the entertainment or beauty game. If you're a 20-something millennial, you remember seeing Skye on Tumblr back in the day. Trends like two-toned lipstick, purple hair, and tiny tattoos were all part of Skye's MO before they blew up on the 'gram and Pinterest. For those just becoming acquainted, you're witnessing Skye at her prime.

I caught up with Skye for a phone conversation to discuss a new musical partnership with Carol's Daughter and iHeartRadio. She opened up about her latest album, Space and Time, which she calls her most transformative project yet. "At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was still—no one knew what was going to happen next," Skye says. "I feel very grateful because I got to take my time to craft something I am very proud of."

During quarantine, Skye and her team huddled up with Timbaland who executively produced her new album. Despite the scary reality we all experienced, Skye felt solace in having time to put her all into her music. "Since I started in the music industry, I've always had a deadline or been moving so quickly," she says to me. "I feel like I never really got to process what I put out in the world. But, for this, I had nothing but space and time."

Justine Skye

Carol's Daughter/Designed by Tiana Crispino for Byrdie.

With the freedom of independent artistry and time on her side, Skye could channel her energy into a body of work that she says embodies all of her layers. Most importantly, it's one she's truly proud of. "I had to find what I call the bad bitch manual," she says. "I was able to own who I am and become more confident in my sound as a songwriter, vocalist, and as a woman." The result? An intricate, cohesive body of work that Skye says, has something for everyone.

Though Skye has been hard at work on music, she says that penciling in opportunities to take care of herself has been equally critical to this season of her life. "If I'm stressed out, it shows through my skin," she explains. "So my main piece of self-care is making sure my spirits are in a good place, so it shows through my skin, hair, body, and health." Skye also says she tries to keep a tidy space to avoid a cluttered mind. "I feel like wherever you rest your head at night should be your sanctuary," she says. "If that's a mess, then it's hard to think straight."

Skye has also been keeping regular face and hair masks in her rotation. After years of bleaching her natural hair different shades, she's also committed to strengthening her strands. "My hair is much healthier than it was when it was purple," she says. "I've been trying to make sure it gets the nutrients it deserves, and Carol's Daughter products have been very helpful with that."

Ultimately, Skye says that the greatest form of self-care is protecting her mental health, especially as a young creative in the public eye. "Even the strongest person can crack under the pressure of being consistently criticized online—good or bad—," she says. In a world where perfection is aspirational, Skye says that her main priority is being proud of the woman she is when she looks in the mirror. "To me, the ultimate luxury is making sure you're happy with the person you see when you're out in the world," she says. "That isn't necessarily about clothes or how expensive an item is."

In addition to practicing self-care and finding solace through music, practicing gratitude helps Skye feel more secure and confident as a person and performer. "I'm not a professional but I definitely think that getting to this point is an ongoing journey and I am learning daily," she says. "I just try to take time to process what's going on in my life—good or bad—and focus on the good." The Space and Time songstress says that keeping her music and a good circle around her makes navigating this exciting chapter worthwhile. "I've let go of a lot people and gained a lot in the past year and that has helped put a lot into perspective," she says. "Keeping great people around you to stay level-headed is most important."

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