Watch: The Founders of Smith & Cult Cosmetics Share Their 10 Must-Have Products

Dineh Mohajer and Jeanne Chavez are the co-founders of the ever-chic Smith & Cult cosmetics. Mohajer is the creative director of the brand, and Chavez is the president. Together, they're responsible for creating some of our all-time favorite nail polish shades (like Lover's Creep, $18, which is an enchanting dark Bordeaux color). While Smith & Cult is probably best known for its nail lacquer, it also makes stunning eye palettes, blush and bronzer duets, and highlighter (among other products).

Here, Mohajer and Chavez each share five of their favorite can't-live-without beauty items. From the universally flattering chrome nail polish shade that Chavez says she's been wearing "for almost two years" to the serum Mohajer uses to thicken her brows and lashes and the bag Chavez stockpiles her sheet masks in, see all 10 of Mohajer and Chavez's products by watching the video. Just be prepared to make some room on your holiday wish list first.