I Tried This Scalp Care System and It Made My Seborrheic Dermatitis Disappear

I'm a believer.


 Daley Quinn

My ex-boyfriend used to literally pick the flakes out of my scalp with his fingers—like monkeys lovingly grooming each other, he’d try his best to get my hairline flake-free while I sat there, horrified and embarrassed. Before trying Jupiter’s The Triple Threat Set ($74), I used to carry around a rat tail comb with me at all times, in case I needed to brush out the thick flakes that covered my hairline like snow. Thanks a lot, seborrheic dermatitis. My scalp condition also enjoys humiliating me whenever I visit a hair salon for a blowout. After the round brush scratches the hell out of my scalp a million times, I end up with dandruff and flakes flying everywhere—it’s an ordeal I would normally try and avoid if I can. Thus, I was excited to try Jupiter's The Triple Threat set, which promises to soothe your scalp and keep flakes and itchiness at bay. Read my honest review ahead.

Jupiter The Triple Threat Set

Best for: Dandruff and scalp issues 

Uses: Calm an inflamed and itchy scalp

Active ingredients: Zinc Pyrithione

Clean?: Yes 

Price: $74

About the brand: Jupiter is a brand that creates clean, effective, affordable scalp and hair care products so that you can get on with your day, flake-free. 

About My Hair

Other than my seborrheic dermatitis, my hair is one of my favorite features. My fine-yet-full hair is naturally wavy, has been dyed many times, and can hold a curl for days on end. I suffer from eczema on my hands, wrists and face, so it wasn’t a surprise when I developed seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp. If I use a product with too much fragrance or harsh ingredients, I’ll walk out of the shower with a very red, irritated hairline, which later develops into an itchy rash with thick, scaly flakes and dandruff. 

I’m someone who works out most days a week, and if I don’t wash my hair after my workout, my scalp will start to itch like crazy. I wash my hair with Jupiter’s Balancing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner almost every day, and will apply the Restoring Serum whenever I feel like my scalp really needs extra love and attention.  

The Feel

The texture of the shampoo is a bit thicker than your standard shampoo, and lathers in the hair nicely. The conditioner feels more lightweight than your typical moisturizing conditioner, and I use a lot of it on my long hair. While I love that the conditioner is more lightweight—therefore, safer to add to your scalp in case you want the moisturizing scalp benefits without weighing your hair down—I do wish it was a bit thicker to add more moisture to the end of my hair. If I feel like my hair needs more moisture that day, sometimes I will use the Balancing Shampoo, applying the Nourishing Conditioner to my roots, and then apply a thicker hair mask from mid shaft to the ends of my hair. 

The Restoring Serum feels exactly like a serum you’d apply to your face—it’s incredibly lightweight, non-sticky, and doesn’t weigh your hair down once you work it into your scalp and hairline. 

Daley Quinn
 Daley Quinn

Ingredient Quality/Concentration

The myriad of clean, natural, good-for-your-scalp ingredients is what really sets this scalp-care set apart from the rest. Featuring proven dandruff fighter zinc pyrithione(1% in the shampoo and 0.125% in the serum), this set helps to reduce flakes without all the harsh ingredients that other anti-dandruff products are formulated with. Jupiter’s Triple Threat Set is paraben-, sulfate-, phthalate-, and dye-free and features all-natural fragrances—no synthetic fragrances are added in, which I find usually will irritate my scalp like crazy. The conditioner features skin-loving ingredients including probiotics, vitamin E, oat kernel and pataua oil and can be applied on the scalp to try to help soothe irritation without weighing it down. 

The Results

I noticed a difference the first time I stepped out of the shower after using this three-step system. You know that tight feeling you always get on your face after using a harsh cleanser? And then you end up racing to apply your moisturizer on top in an effort to reduce the tight, itchy feeling? That’s what usually happens to my scalp when I use other anti-dandruff products on the market, including the ketoconazole shampoo that my dermatologist has prescribed to me for my seborrheic dermatitis. After the first use of Jupiter’s Triple Threat Set, I didn’t feel that itchy feeling I usually get after lathering my hair in other anti-dandruff products. My scalp felt calm, and my hairline was red and irritated like usual. 

My flakes didn’t go away immediately after the first application, but after about a week, they went down noticeably. After about two weeks of continued use, washing my hair almost daily and using the serum once or twice a week, my seborrheic dermatitis was gone. My hairline was flake-free, not red, and no longer itchy. I no longer carry around my rat tail comb to get the flakes out of my hairline, and I no longer feel ashamed when putting my hair up in a bun. Jupiter’s Triple Threat Set was able to successfully heal my irritated scalp—without any harsh ingredients. 

The Value

The price of the Jupiter products are in line with other high-end, luxury haircare products. For a one-time purchase, you can buy the “Triple Threat Set” for $74 total, or you can save $3 by subscribing to receive the set every 4, 8, or 12 weeks. 

It has been a few months and I still haven’t finished the set yet—the products last for a long time. While not totally outrageous, I wouldn’t say the price of the three products is inexpensive. But getting rid of the constant embarrassment of dealing with a flaky scalp? To me, it’s priceless. The high-quality ingredients, along with its clean factor, sets this set apart from the rest, and is worth the money in my opinion. 

Our Verdict

If you are someone who suffers from dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, or a flaky scalp, I highly recommend trying this set. While yes, it does have the same percentage of zinc pyrithione as other leading anti-dandruff products on the market, its clean ingredients and all-natural fragrance are significantly more soothing and less irritating to the scalp than other scalp care products, in my experience.

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