June Letter From the Editor: Breaking Beauty Rules

Updated 05/31/18

Some rules are in place for a reason—for safety, for health, for making sure you don’t stay up all night watching TRL reruns as a child. Others, as the saying goes, are meant to be broken. The beauty world, in particular, feels more trend-agnostic by the day, where it’s less about fitting into a certain mold predetermined by a select few and more about celebrating self-expression in all shapes and sizes (well, we’re getting there, at least). Traditional beauty “rules” are being broken on the daily—and it’s about time.

Who says you can only wear certain shades of lipstick for your skin tone? Who says three Asian women can’t be on the cover of a major American beauty magazine or that models of color can’t be vocal about how the industry they work in can do better? Who says what you can or can’t do beauty-wise at all, really? Certainly not us.

This month, we’re celebrating the beauty rule breakers—individuals who look beyond the confines of traditional beauty guidelines, acknowledge them, and then boldly step outside the lines, inspiring the rest of us to do the same in the process (looking at you, Sacha Lane). We’ll also be rounding up our favorite rule-breaking beauty brands, from lines born on Instagram to sustainable skincare lines to feminine-hygiene brands disrupting an industry that’s in major need of some fresh perspective. We’ll also be dedicating a series to men and makeup (what, you thought Zac Efron’s skin looks that pore-less naturally?) with the intention of normalizing that entire conversation.

Some men wear makeup; some don’t. Can we agree one isn’t more “normal” than the other? (And for men who do wear makeup—we’ll take your foundation recs whenever you’re ready.)

Last but certainly not least, in honor of LGBTQ+ month, we’re handing the mic over to some of our favorite queer celebrities, influencers, and activists to share beauty notes to their younger selves—some funny, some heartbreaking, and all reminding us that self-love is the one beauty rule we should all subscribe to.

Rule breakers or not, let’s step outside the lines this month and beyond. I’ll queue up the TRL reruns.

— Faith Xue, editorial director

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