20 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit, According to a Fashion Writer

We've rounded up all the outfit inspiration you need.


Byrdie / Rue Stiic

I’ve grown to love jumpsuits over the past year. Like that gourmet frozen dinner you discovered in quarantine, the jumpsuit is a ready-made outfit. You just need to throw it on, add a few accessories, and then magically; you have a put-together look. 

The recipe for a really good jumpsuit is using natural materials that suit the structure of the jumpsuit. For example, you probably want something that’s made of mostly cotton for structured jumpsuits, but silk or linen work for more flowy styles, neckline, and fit. If you seek a more vintage aesthetic, you may want to tailor the fabric to your body—sometimes hemming a couple of inches off the leg does the trick. Ahead, I’ve rounded up 20 jumpsuit varieties and coupled them with pieces I would personally wear with each. But jumpsuits are versatile, and that means you can dress them to your own liking. Keep scrolling to see each of the looks.

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The Dickies Jumpsuit

When I think of jumpsuits, I immediately think of this iconic one from Dickies. With the recognizable red logo on the chest, this jumpsuit is as much of a basic wardrobe acquisition as jeans. Dickies makes both a short sleeve and long sleeve version and offers plus-size options. How to wear it? I’d roll up the sleeves once or twice and add a gold cuff to each wrist. As for footwear, this is length-dependent. If they don’t fall just right—meaning if they don’t hit above the ankle or nearly brush the ground—cuff them. Or if you’re slightly daring, cut them 2-3 inches at the hem where the seam is to add a slit and make them a bit less narrow at the ankle. I would pair it with flats to keep the look clean and classic. 

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The Vintage Classic Jumpsuit

After Dickies, I think of a herringbone work suit (think: Thomas the Tank Engine). Vintage is best as you want your jumpsuit to be as worn in as the sweatpants you’re currently wearing. They should be 100% cotton non-stretch, so they keep a boxy shape. As for how to wear them, these are usually pretty roomy in the legs, so leave them be. If yours are a bit too long, get them hemmed or tack them up yourself with a trusty needle and thread. If you have a boxy vest, you can throw it over the jumpsuit to cut up the sea of herringbone. I’d wear mine with a pair of dainty shoes and something simple like a few gold chains or a strand of pearls.

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The Downtowner Jumpsuit

My main reason for calling this look the “Downtowner” is because it’s black, and I associate Downtown NYC with really put-together dark clothes. This jumpsuit can stand alone, but while it’s still cold, it’s made to be layered under a boxy blazer and a pair of walkable (but oh-so-cool) boots. In the spring, pair it with flat strappy sandals. 

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The Park Sloper Jumpsuit

When I think of chic jumpsuits, I think of this crisp khaki one. I personally would pair it with a fun shoe and cool sunglasses for spring strolls, but a classic loafer works well, of course, too.

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The Flattering Fly Jumpsuit

Bobby Cobra is a new Los Angeles-based Black-owned brand, offering small-batch jumpsuits that could not be any cooler. They’re available in sizes XXS to XXL and four colors, including beige, charcoal, dark tan, and black. The jumpsuits are made from deadstock cotton, with a signature "cobra fly" zipper that goes all the way to the lower back of your waist. I would personally style this jumpsuit with wooden sole clogs and a little neck scarf.

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The Denim Jumpsuit

I was not going to tackle the jumpsuit without dipping into denim. After sifting through many classic solid denim styles, I found a two-tone denim one that I think is cool if you’re a bit extra. What would I wear it with? Tall boots (have them tucked in and billowing at the knee) and a high-neck top layered under the jumpsuit.

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The Hand-Dyed One-of-a-Kind Jumpsuit

I’ve been eyeing the Bumi jumpsuit by Kiko Romeo for some time now. It’s a mid-weight cotton jumpsuit crafted and hand-dyed in Kenya. It boasts a cinched elastic waist, zip front, and wide legs. I’d style this special piece with a pendant pearl necklace and fun Mary Jane flats. 

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The Swooshy Jumpsuit

I love the 80s vibes of what I’m calling the swooshy jumpsuit (i.e., those jumpsuits that make a subtle "swoosh" sound when you move). This one is my favorite, in a two-toned cappuccino and yellow color combination. I’d wear mine with loafers, a chunky two-toned link necklace, and a wide headband.

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The Cozy Knit

I love the idea of styling this knit close-fitting jumpsuit under a really oversized chunky knit vest. I love its split hems and easy spaghetti straps. It’s so versatile, making it the perfect cold-season base. It's easy enough to pair with any shoe, but I’m specifically thinking about wearing it with a vest and platforms.

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The Ribbed Knit

When I envisioned the perfect knit jumpsuit, I had in my brain something with wide ribbing, a straight leg, and long sleeves. Rue Stiic created this exact jumpsuit with this 100% sustainable cotton knit. Buttoned up, it’s a polished knit polo, great to layer as you would any collared base, but it's equally great as a stand-alone piece. This jumpsuit is truly seasonless because it’s cotton so you can easily take it from winter into summer. I imagine wearing it with a navy blazer and flats. Or, in the summer, you can scrap the blazer and flats and opt for clogs.

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Head-to-Toe Florals

I’m sorry in advance for making you fall in love with this corduroy Dries Van Noten jumpsuit. At least it’s on sale, right? With a 70s flair, elastic waistband, and roomy pockets, it’s the exact one-and-done outfit a jumpsuit should have the capability to be. I would style this jumpsuit with glove shoes and a silk headscarf.

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The Party Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is so fun. It's like a hybrid between a party dress and a jumpsuit. Hence, me naming it a party jumpsuit. With dramatic puffed shoulders, these pretty jumpsuits are video call and weekend brunch appropriate. I’d pair this statement jumpsuit with a leather flat and sunglasses.

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Taste The Rainbow

This is somewhat of an ode to the brand LF Markey, which makes remarkable jumpsuits. In bright bold colors, these are the polar opposite of the Downtown black jumpsuit. It's more like the Once-Downtowner-That-Has-Since-Moved-to-Los-Angeles jumpsuit. I would pair it with a punchy shoe in a contrast color, a cute handbag, and sunglasses to really give the look a West Coast feel.

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The (Jump)suit

I love suits so it is no surprise that this option from The Frankie Shop delighted me. It has a drop waist and is roomy to make it as comfy as you’d hope a jumpsuit to be, but its pointed lapels, pleating, and structure make it sharp. You can wear it with just about any shoe but I really love the idea of another strappy sandal and a big pair of sunglasses.

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The Elegant Silk Stick of Butter

In the words of my dear friend Harling Ross, this Izayla jumpsuit is a stick of butter. But like, the elegant specialty boutique dairy shop kind. Onto the actual jumpsuit: it is 100% silk and locally made in Downtown Los Angeles. It's available in sizes ranging from 2 to 14. I’d pair it with a bold black platform and Wayfarers. 

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The Flowy Jumpsuit

This feels like a beach vacation in a jumpsuit. The flowy style is offered in sizes XS to 3XL and the brand offers custom adjustments in pant length. With an optional belt, you can almost create two different outfits in one. I personally would wear it sans belt with platform brown sandals and cheery grocery earrings from Sandra Alexandra.

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The Beach-Bound Jumpsuit

Speaking of beach-bound, this linen-blend jumpsuit with the drawstring waist begs to be worn barefoot in the sand. It’s handmade in Los Angeles by the brand Par En Par. Usually, you find linen jumpsuits to be tank-style or more revealing up top. I love that this one buttons all the way up with a little collar. I’d wear it with a long necklace and a summery raffia bag.

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The Classic Corduroy Jumpsuit

On the other side of the material spectrum, we have corduroy, which is perfect from fall all the way into spring. The rich chocolate jumpsuit from Free People is ideal for layering (think: printed sheer turtleneck underneath).

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The Va Va Voom Jumpsuit

I got so excited about this jumpsuit when I saw it. Its fabric gives it a casual feel, but the bustier and flowy wide legs are so sexy. You could easily tone this look down by throwing an oversized button-down shirt over the jumpsuit and wearing flats or sandals. And I think that’s just what I would do.

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The Rust-Colored Jumpsuit

Rust-colored jumpsuits deserve some shine. I love rust because it’s a neutral but also a statement color. You can complement the rust color by pairing it with rich green tones. I’d wear this jumpsuit with green footwear and sunglasses. Together, they create a pretty great spring ensemble.

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