Try This: A Jump-Rope Workout You Can Do Virtually Anywhere

A jump-rope workout makes for one the easiest ways to exercise for its accessibility—you can literally do it anywhere there's space—and its efficiency. "Jumping rope is an unsung hero in the cardio category," says Rob Sulaver, founding trainer of Rumble Boxing and founder of Bandana Training. "It works your speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, and cardio engine and can be cranked up to a pretty extreme intensity."

Even those who have never jumped rope before can get in on the action. "Start without a jump rope in your hand. Mimic the movement of jumping rope, and coordinate your jump with the imaginary rope," Sulaver says. "The beauty of this is that you can get some solid practice without slowing down to fuss with a rope that keeps catching on your feet."



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Other tips from him include keeping your shoulders relaxed, elbows close to your ribs, and jumps short. "Jumping rope is all in the wrists," he says.

Oh, and make sure that the jump rope is the right length. "Step on the center of the rope, and pull the handles straight up. They should reach at least armpit height, give or take a few inches. As you become more experienced, you can decide on your own preferred length," he says.

With the basics laid out for us, we asked him to break down his favourite jump-rope exercises for us, step by step, so that we can incorporate them into our routines.

Scroll down to see which three will give you the best full-body workout.

Workout #1

45 seconds of jumping rope
15 seconds to transition
45 seconds of bodyweight squats
15 seconds to transition
45 seconds of plank jacks
15 seconds to transition

You're pretty much setting your interval timer for 45 seconds of working out and 15 seconds of rest in between. Sulaver says to start by doing six rounds of the set above. Then, add one round a each week until you've worked your way up to 10 rounds for the best results.

Workout #2

100 jump rope
100-yard shuttle run (50 yards out, 50 yards back)
100 mountain climbers (50 per knee)

80 jump rope
100-yard shuttle run (same as above)
80 mountain climbers (40 per knee)

60 jump rope
100-yard shuttle run (same as above)
60 mountain climbers

40 jump rope
100-yard shuttle run (same as above)
40 mountain climbers

20 jump rope
100-yard shuttle run (same as above)
20 mountain climbers

Sulaver says to time the entire workout while doing this sequence. Every time you revisit this workout, try to beat your previous time. "It's short and sweet, but you can always do it twice," he says.

Workout #3

500 jump rope
500-m hard run
400 jump rope
1-km run
300 jump rope
1-km run
200 jump rope
1-km run
100 jump rope

This is for those who like to run. But even Sulaver admits that this is a pretty difficult workout. "Feel free to scale the volume to match your current fitness level," he says.

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