Jumbo Scrunchies Are the Supersized Hair Trend of the Season

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Back view of woman with ponytail with three different colored jumbo scrunchies


Scrunchies have had a decades-long hold on us, from their over-the-top '80s era to the recent revival (which has been embraced by high-end brands as well as a slew of celebrities). Over the past few years, the hair accessory has gotten a new lease on life through everything from color to material to placement—and now, jumbo scrunchies are here to make the trend bigger than ever (literally). Ahead, we share all you need to know about oversized scrunchies, from why they're transforming the concept of hair accessories to how to pick the right one for you.

The History of Hair Scrunchies

The scrunchie was invented in the 1960s (and later patented in the '80s), but its first decade of full-blown popularity was the '80s when the over-the-top hair accessory became an it-girl staple for style icons like Madonna and Paula Abdul. In the time when big hair was everything, they quickly gained appeal as a less damaging way to hold styles, plus the fun colors and materials meant a scrunchie could be a fashion statement in itself. They stayed popular through the '90s before briefly fizzling out in the 2000s—Sex and the City fans may recall Carrie Bradshaw declaring that "no woman would be caught dead in a hip downtown restaurant wearing a scrunchie."

What seemed like a farewell to scrunchies turned out to be no more than a “see you later,” as the accessory started to pop up again on famous runways during fashion week like Armani Privé’s Fall 2019 collection, in which scrunchies were reinvented as dainty forehead pieces. Over recent years, it’s come back as a go-to piece right alongside every '90s trend, with celebrities including Lizzo, Selena Gomez, Lupita Nyong'o, and Hailey Bieber embracing the look.

Past reentering everyone's lives as a fun, occasional accessory, scrunchies have begun replacing the plain, nylon bands that were casually on everyone’s wrists, as they can effectively tie hair back while being gentler on your strands. Aesthetically, the accessory's eye-catching patterns and ruffly shape have made it a standout way of making any outfit more fun, and it's now a cult classic among millennials nostalgic about their early childhoods as well as Gen-Zers who are making the trend their own. Remember VSCO girls? The Hydro Flasks and catchphrases like "Save the turtles!" may have faded, but the scrunchies they wore are eternal.

woman with 3 silk scrunchies in ponytail


The Jumbo Scrunchie Trend

In 2023, scrunchies are still here to stay, but they may have grown a size or two. Adding momentum to other trends like balletcore and the rise of ribbons, jumbo scrunchies are paving a new purpose for the statement staple hair accessory. The doubled size instantly becomes the focal point of any casual look, making it a playful accessory to add more texture and dimension to your outfit. In the photo above, the bright blue, flower-shaped scrunchie upgrades a classic gray blazer and jeans outfit by creating a palette contrast and adding volume to a slicked-back bun hairstyle.

Depending on the style, oversized scrunchies can be incredibly versatile and be incorporated into an outfit in multiple ways. A fan favorite is Sandy Liang's satin flower shape that makes any braid or ponytail look like it came straight out of a Disney princess movie (you’ll feel like one, too).

Back view of woman with braided hairstyle with pink Sandy Liang jumbo flower scrunchie


With its size and impact, it’s easy to assume the jumbo scrunchie is only meant for times when you want to stand out and add a touch of whimsy. However, the piece is actually super versatile, and you can also go for a neutral shade or classic black to give the piece a more blended or dramatic feel. Whether you emulate Matilda Djerf, who's used black oversized scrunchies to create cohesive, monochrome layering alongside black outerwear and a Barbie-esque high ponytail, or lean into a kitschy pattern like checkerboard by using two scrunchies for pigtails (as seen below), there are so many ways to find balance between subtlety and statement.

Woman with pigtails hairstyle with checkered jumbo scrunchies


How to Make Jumbo Scrunchies Your Own

When it comes to choosing which oversized scrunchie matches you and your style, go for one that’ll give your outfits the boost they need to feel complete. Ask yourself what kind of look you’re trying to achieve by adding an oversized hair accessory—is it for a pop of color? Do you want to introduce a new texture to your basics? How are you planning to style it? Once you’ve asked the important questions, look through your closet and imagine where your jumbo scrunchie will fit alongside your future outfits. Visualizing the piece as part of your personal style will help you hone in on the shape, color, and material you may want. 

If you’re a lover of neutral basics and don’t want to stray too far, consider getting a linen beige scrunchie or a mesh, floral pattern. On the other hand, if you want to go bold and get something more kitschy, checkerboard, ruffles on ruffles, and pattern combinations are fun options to add to your closet. 

Regardless of whether you decide to go the classic or camp route with your jumbo scrunchie collection, have fun with mixing and matching all the options you have available. This versatile trend is made for individualism, and it’s up to you to decide what purpose it’s supposed to serve. Perhaps it's a central part of your outfit or maybe you'd rather use it for a quick updo without a second thought, but either way, a good oversized scrunchie can make a statement in seconds. 

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