The Skincare Product You Should Use in July, According to Astrology

With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA, Rose Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using—consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.




July || Eclipses: When your life is fated and your best remedy is self-care and surrender. 

July 9: Venus enters Virgo's domain, when we find harmony in the details, in discernment, and in love that's more service oriented.  

July 10: Jupiter no longer retrograde, turning all of that growth outward—expect movement, results, luck, joy, and travel.  

July 12: New Moon, partial solar eclipse in Cancer. Allow your feelings to direct your course of action. Transformation is key—so is surrendering to resistance. Allow deep-seated fears to turn into something more constructive. 

July 22: The Sun enters Leo, making it officially Leo season! Wish all of your Leo friends a happy birthday this month! All of us find more joy in the creative process and seek pleasure rather than serious contemplation. Our makeup bags become way more colorful! 

July 26: Mercury retrograde in the sign Leo. Focus on beautifying your mind. You know the drill: no new things, contracts, or people—only old, unresolved things.  

July 27: Total full-moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius, needing an emotional outlet and a hefty dose of rebellion. Patience is key with this eclipse, and you'll need to let go of that "I'm different" attitude and "no one sees my vision" ideology in exchange for a more positive self-acceptance one.