In Tune: How You Can Really Learn to Be (and Love) Yourself

Updated 07/04/18
Woman looking in a hand mirror

How well do you know yourself? How truthful are you with yourself? I recently did a Harrison test at work. These employment tests are designed to help us understand why we act the way we do, our attitudes, motivations, work values. I knew a lot of what the test threw up, but having someone actually say it to me was enlightening to say the least. Some of it was pretty accurate (the negatives I know all too well), but some of it wasn’t.

We’re all good at focusing on our weaknesses, but seeing our own strengths can be more difficult. The test helped me to see me for, well, me. I feel a little more in tune with myself, which is no bad thing. That’s the theme for Byrdie UK this month—In Tune. July is the month where we often escape our real lives for our long-awaited summer holidays, and with summer holidays come the breathing room and head space to get more in touch with ourselves. And that’s where we come in…

Zara Kenyon is exploring the ways we really can change our lives on holiday, while Giselle La-Pompe Moore is talking manifestation—how to manifest the life you really want and deserve. Manifestation works when you learn how to raise your self-worth and really become in tune with your authentic self, not just defaulting to the usual habit so many of us do (myself included), thinking positive. I’ll be talking to life coaches to find out how we can streamline our route to happiness at work, at home and beyond.

It’s Pride month in the UK, and we’ll be celebrating by sharing some of the best looks from Pride around the globe and London. We’ll also be profiling Kohl Kreatives, a charity that empowers transgender people through makeup. In the meantime, why not check out the transgender-focused makeup questions a makeup artist gets asked frequently? Plus we’ll be rounding up the beauty products that are supporting Pride in a truly authentic way.

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