You'll Never Guess What Julianne Hough Does With Lip Balm on a Plane


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Last summer, I attended a dance class with Julianne Hough and her brother Derek. I know, right? I was so stoked thinking we'd take it nice and slow and I'd maybe pick up some new *moves* I could bust out when I'm a few glasses of wine deep at a party with friends, but this was… definitely not that. I was almost certain they had planted professional backup dancers in the room with me while we moved at a lightening-fast pace through choreography to Jessie J's "Burnin' Up" just so I could look like even more of a dancing NARP than I already am. Afterward, I hung my (grotesquely sweaty) head in shame while I met a perfectly refreshed-looking Julianne and Derek and apologized for my lack of coordination. Now, I look back at the video any time I want a good laugh.

My second time chatting with Julianne, however, was much less stressful. It was over the phone, for starters, and didn't involve any sweating or speed-dancing. Instead, we chatted about her partnership with Proactiv, her in-flight skin tricks, her tips for staying lean—there was even a surprising Kanye West cameo involved. For the full details of our conversation, keep scrolling!


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