You Will Not Believe How Julianne Hough Got These Beachy Waves

"I woke up like this" has been a popular phrase for years, but now it's also a legitimate reality. Just ask Julianne Hough, who is now the proud owner of these *permanent* beachy waves. Yep, it's true—Hough paid a visit to Nine Zero One salon in L.A., where celeb stylist Riawna Capri gave her a game-changing perm, resulting in these effortless, everlasting waves.

Here's the thing, though: Normally there's no way a stylist would allow someone with hair like Julianne's to get a perm. Super-blond hair is normally far too overprocessed to withstand it. In fact, Hough begged for a perm for years but was unable to get one for this reason. Until now. 

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Here's the secret: On Julianne's strands, Capri used a miracle-working treatment called Olaplex that strengthens bleached hair enough to survive a perm. Hough revealed her new look on Instagram, and we are so impressed. Game changer, indeed.

You can read all about Olaplex here

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