Julia Fox Debuts Cherry Red Hair and Matching Brows

She did it herself.

Julia Fox

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The it-girls were out and about for New York Fashion Week, but all our attention was firmly on Julia Fox. Whether she’s making a dress out of leaves and resin (yes, really) or creating a cyber centaur outfit, Fox is always down to step out in some of NYC’s most outlandish looks. Her latest bold creation, however, may be her most easy to copy: she colored her hair and brows a bright cherry red. 

On February 15, Fox was spotted wearing a Willy Chavarria outfit, which includes a black mesh sports jersey, oversized basketball shorts, and slouchy black patent leather pointed-toe boots. She kept the accessories minimal and opted for one simple black drawstring backpack to accessorize the high-fashion athletic look. The next day she paired her new hair color with a patent leather moto jacket, thigh-high Pleaser boots, and a purse shaped like a life-size, latex-clad woman (naturally).

Julia Fox with red hair

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When it came to her new hair, Fox took matters into her own hands. “As for hair and make up…. I did it myself yeah,” Fox wrote in the caption of her Instagram post revealing the look. She parted her long, stick straight hair down the middle and dyed it a bright red color from her roots to her tips. Instead of bleaching her brows—which she’s known to do herself to "repel men"—Fox dyed her thin brows red, as well, matching her hair. She continued to bring red into the rest of her glam with a wash of bright red across her lids into her inner corners, as well as a dramatic lip red lip liner that she didn't blend into her glossy clear lips. 

Fox knows how to serve never-done-before looks during fashion week and beyond, but her firetruck red hair surprisingly fits into the hair trends we've been seeing since last year. What sets her red color apart, however, is its lack of orange tones, which offers an edgier look than the copper shades other celebs have been wearing. It's a simple way for Fox to abide by the trending colors while doing what she does best: not fitting into any one box at all.

Now, although we're very into her new look, it's hard to say that this is sustainable for low-maintenance beauty lovers. Red hair is notorious for washing out quickly, which is something to keep in mind if you want to try the look for yourself.

Still, if you're inspired by Fox to make a change to your locks, you'll want to head to a professional who can safely lift your current color and add in bright red pigments. Make sure to invest in color-safe shampoos and wash your hair less often to keep the color vibrant, and expect to visit the salon for touch-ups every six to eight weeks.

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