First Look: Julep’s Obsess-Worthy New Lipsticks

Being really, really good at something is both a blessing and a curse. In Julep’s case, the indie-to-mainstream brand is widely celebrated for its chic, ergonomically designed nail polishes and audience-focused approach to branding and product development. Though Julep also sells non-nail polish items (the cleansing oil is an editor-favorite), it has always been known, more or less, as a polish brand—until now. This year, the Seattle-based company is throwing everyone a curveball and releasing a sleek, chic little line of lipsticks called Light on Your Lips. We got the exclusive first look, and (obviously) swiped them on immediately.

The verdict? To put it lightly, the entire Byrdie team is obsessed. The lipsticks go on silky-smooth and give a sheer wash of color after the first swipe, while a few more swipes delivers a more pigmented, intense color pay-off. Though they’re marketed as a crème-finish lipsticks, we found that they actually dried to a more matte finish—but without the telltale flaking, tightness, or dryness that comes with most matte formulas. In fact, we could barely feel them on our lips at all after applying—one editor actually compared it to the feeling after applying a light lip balm (crazy, we know).

At the end of the day, the pigment stayed in place with just the slightest fading; the end result was a stain-like finish. The eight-piece collection ranges from a soft taupe-y-rose to a bright poppy-red, with a shade to suit every lipstick personality. Intrigued? Keep scrolling to read our interview with Julep-founder Jane Park and find out when and where you can stock up!