We’re Calling It: Dior’s New Fragrance, JOY by Dior, Is Going to Be Iconic

Updated 09/04/18
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The evolution of fine fragrance is dotted with iconic moments, and the house of Dior has long been an extraordinary part of the timeline (Carmen Kass  swathed in  gold for the original J'Adore campaign—heaven). From the angelic floral juice that is Miss Dior, to the hypnotic sensuality of Poison, Dior has long been at the forefront of scents that excite, evoke emotion, and simply put, turn heads. 

As fate would have it, this September marks another momentous occasion for the house, as it launches its first feminine fragrance in 19 years. Dior perfumer, Francois Demachy set about to do something special, and the result of that was the brand's newest launch, JOY by Dior Eau de Parfurm. Being the first feminine fragrance since 1999, when the aforementioned J’Adore arrived on the market, it's only fitting that the scent is bright, vivacious, and definitely our new signature (just saying). And with Jennifer Lawrence as the face, it's an absolute yes from us. Keep scrolling to read a little more about the scent.  

Dior JOY by Dior Eau de Parfurm $240

So much greater than top, middle, and base notes, JOY by Dior Eau de Parfurm is more the sum of its parts. The initial rush of clear, sparkling bergamont, rose, and mandarin is rounded-out by a smooth foundation of sandalwood, patchouli, and—the warmest of all base notes—musk. When it's first released from the flacon, it's delicious, zesty, and unashamedly feminine. As it wears, it softens down to a milky, nostalgic scent. And the story behind it only adds to the romance; According to Dior perfumer Francois Demachy,  JOY by Dior Eau de Parfurm expresses "the remarkable feeling of joy by providing an olfactive interpretation of light." Demachy understands that creating an iconic scent is more than aptly placed notes and a tug on ones' olfactory heartstrings, but rather a beautiful compilation of sensorial nuances and layers that aren't too obvious, yet still result in a "crystal-clear fragrance expression". In his own words, Demachy explains that this particular scent required "a lot of time, development and abstraction, but in the end, it has an immediate and lively presence." Creamy, classic, and bright all at once, it's a fragrance that, as the name so appropriately suggests, sparks joy. 

Courtesy of Dior
Courtesy of Dior

Accompanied with the visual material of an ethereal Jennifer Lawrence dripping in old-Hollywood glamour (and the razor-sharp modern edge she's adored for), it's a feast for your eyes, nose, and—following the barrage of, "what are you wearing" compliments—ego. Take it from us, JOY by Dior Eau de Parfurm is a delight.

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