Model Josephine Skriver Breaks Down Her Date-Night Beauty Routine

Josephine Skriver

Taylor Hill / Contributor / Getty Images

When date night rolls around, we spend hours getting ready (not solely to impress our date du jour/S.O. but to make ourselves feel awesome). A perfect manicure, a facial to make us glow, and a trip to the salon to get our blowout just right—the list goes on. But for someone like Josephine Skriver, we imagine it’s much easier—she’s a stunning supermodel, after all. From her 100-watt smile to her kind demeanor, the newest Victoria’s Secret Angel naturally radiates beauty from the inside out. So it’s no surprise that her beauty routine is short, simple, and to the point. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we caught up with the Danish model to learn how she preps for a night out with her boyfriend, Alexander DeLeon.


I try to keep it as minimal as possible when it comes to skin because, for me, it’s about moisturizing from the inside. I drink water every day and use coconut oil. All of my creams are coconut-scented because there’s something about coconut oil that is just perfect. I love the smell, too.

So, really, it starts even weeks before date night. It’s just a daily basis of drinking a lot of water and trying to get as much sleep as possible. I know it sounds very trivial, but it works. Water will forever be your best friend.


Skin is everything for me. When you’re done drying yourself, that’s the time to moisturize because your pores and everything are open. I love the Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion ($30), and then I mix it with a body oil because something about lotion and oil together makes it so much better. I swear I have baby skin ever since I started doing both at once.

I do the same sort of thing on my face, combining moisturizer and oil right after I shower. Because it’s steamy and hot in the shower, that’s also when I start applying my makeup, since my skin is so dewy at that time. I just want to keep it like that. (Try combining Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil, $105, and Pestle & Mortar Hydrate Lightweight Moisturizer, $40, to achieve Skriver’s glowing complexion.)


I put conditioner in my hair first, and then I shampoo. I know it’s kind of backward, but for me, it’s very important. I feel like the conditioner makes my hair heavy and way too straight, and if I do it the other way, it leaves it more fluffy. So that’s a little trick I learned on the job.


If I walk out the door without my perfume on, I feel naked. I’m always about pairing my scent with my mood. I feel like a really fun scent is Bombshell ($58) because it’s such an outgoing scent, especially in the winter.

For Valentine’s Day, I like it to be more subtle so he has to get close to smell it on me. That’s why I think Tease ($58) is perfect because it’s so subtle. It’s also a great gift because it’s that one perfume that’s kind of like the Traveling Pants—it fits everyone, it’s never overpowering, and it’s cute and flirty.


I just apply a little bit of foundation and my contour, and then I go dress. I have blotting papers with me everywhere because I don’t believe in too much powder. And I really love the new Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stains ($19)—they’re perfect. They don’t move, and it’s been so hard for me to find a lipstick that doesn’t move. Plus they’re creamy, so you can mix them if you don’t like the shade. I think it’s so cool. It also has vitamin E—I’m all about moisturizer. I’m all about having a healthy glow.

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