7 Ways to Wear Jorts Trend Like a Pro

Easy outfits you can keep on repeat until the temperature drops.

Jorts outfits

Design by Tiana Crispino

If you’d said a year ago that we’d be trading polished trousers or even stylish cargo pants for jorts, we may have had some questions. Yet, 163 million TikTok views later, the nostalgic Adam Sandler-chic pants have catapulted to It-item status, and it’s even got fashion’s resident trendsetter, Bella Hadid, on board to prove it.

Whether jorts are a case of the trickle down or trickle up effect (it’s the sort of trend that may have very well gotten its start in niche corners of the fashion collective before making its way to Fashion Week), they’re the kind of garment that look just the same styled on and off the runway. At Gucci's 2023 resort show, bedazzled jorts were paired with a classic button down; at Ksenia Schnaider spring 2022, a frayed and pleated style meets a simple white top; then, over at Diesel resort 2023, the denim style gets an easy-to-recreate Canadian tuxedo makeover. Not only are jorts runway-approved, their easygoing nature makes them fool-proof when it comes to styling, as well.

That said, where runway inspiration leaves off, Instagram unfailingly picks up, proving that there are a slew of both creative and practical ways to style your jorts, whether they’re thrifted or one of the new iterations to hit the market. From unexpected shoe pairings, to giving the granddad trend a hyper-feminine twist, see all the outfit ideas to get your gears turning below.

Bootstrap It

Jorts and white tank outfit collage

Design by Tiana Crispino

Knee-length shorts and boots may not sound like the match-made combination you expected, but hear us out. You’ll actually find that the pairing comes just in time for transitional summer-to-fall dressing—not to mention the fact that boots (especially leather ones) will take your jorts to new levels of chicness in an instant. Wrap up the look with a low-effort top and a shoulder baguette bag for an ensemble that feels straight out of Carrie Bradshaw’s “casual-but-make-it-fashion” vault.

Go Coastal

Striped button up and jorts outfit collage

Design by Tiana Crispino

We’ve all just about pegged jorts as the kind of style you’d thrift out of the back of your grandpa’s closet, but perhaps they’ve been better fit for the coastal grandma all along. The best part about said TikTok-named aesthetic is that the styles required to emulate the look are either already in your closet, or are so timeless that even if you have to grab something new, you’ll be holding onto it for years to come. Start with a solid or striped button-down paired with white or ivory jorts (something about them versus their blue denim counterparts feels a touch more relaxed and breezy), and a walkable pair of sandals to bring home that strolling-downp-the-boardwalk vibe.

Nice And Tailored

Blazer and jorts outfit collage

Design by Tiana Crispino

Blazers have a tendency to shine a new light on just about any garment when given the chance. Go the extra mile with strappy heels and accessories, and this get-up can easily become as dressy as you’d like. For a daytime-appropriate happy medium, however, try styling a chill-toned blazer over an elevated white tank with some vintage-washed denim. Now, consider your outfit LA cool-girl-approved.

Add Some Prep To Your Step

Cropped sweater and jorts outfit collage

Design by Tiana Crispino

It only takes the introduction of one particular item to give a jorts outfit the preppy twist fans of academia style have been waiting for, and it’s loafers. Consider swapping out sneakers and dad sandals for the fall-appropriate shoe style, with a subtle nod to prep on top by way of a cropped cardigan or knit sweater vest. Still relatively comfortable by nature (loafers typically come with a slight flatform that make them walkable for miles), they are an unsuspecting way to fuse polished elements with the unapologetic effortlessness of baggy jean shorts.

Play Opposites

Sequin net top and jorts outfit collage

Design by Tiana Crispino

While the exaggeratedly elongated version of jorts fashion girls are reaching for lately skew traditionally masculine in some cases, the fun of styling the '90s jeans style lies in simply having fun with pairing. For instance, play off the idea of opposites by marrying a pair of chunky-pocketed jorts with its polar opposite, such as a netted crop top adorned with sequins. Naturally, rounding out the outfit with heels feels imperative (not to mention they highlight the juxtaposing elements of the look in the best way).

Live In Color

Red jorts outfit collage

Design by Tiana Crispino

Amid a blue jean-fueled trend (which we’ll just consider a member of the neutral family), color has entered the chat, and it’s one of easiest ways to make styling your oversized shorts your own. To put it to the test, grab a pair of bottoms in your favorite color. Then, use this color to inform your top. To keep the final result from bordering on overwhelming, consider opting for a top with a more neutral base such as white or black, with pops of color that pull the look together.

No Mixing, Just Matching

Corset top and white jorts outfit collage

Design by Tiana Crispino

While fashion trends ebb and flow, the no-fail fashion hack that is monochromatic dressing is evergreen. As you’d expect, tone-on-tone is one of the easiest ways to cultivate a seamless look. This style tip poses an opportunity to deviate away from blue denim and grab a neutral off-white or a bold hue of your choice to match one of your favorite tops.

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