If You Thought Jordyn Woods’ Lymphatic Drainage Booty Massage Was Good, Try Vacuum Butt Therapy

Jordyn Woods

 Jordyn Woods

Over the weekend, Jordyn Woods broke the internet with a bootylicious video. However, this wasn’t just another one of her body positive posts that she shares from time to time celebrating her curves. The 23 year-old actually shared how she keeps her bum looking close-up ready. Jordyn visited SKINIC body spa in Beverly Hills, CA for her rub down in the name of wellness.

Lymphatic drainage massages have a lot of health benefits,” she captioned the video via Instagram Stories. “Helps remove toxins, improves circulation, helps your immune system and so much more.”

SKINIC backed up her claims with their own post with the star post-treatment saying, “Lymphatic Drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues.”

If you’ve ever needed a reason to book a booty massage, this is it. Non-invasive butt treatments are gaining popularity and are a safe alternative to Brazilian butt lifts and injectables. Should you find yourself on the East Coast, New York City's BeautyFix Med Spa offers a vacuum butt treatment, a procedure getting picked up among spas. 

“The BootyFix Vacuum Butt Therapy is similar to a lymphatic drainage booty massage in the sense that it is non-invasive butt treatment, however vacuum butt therapy uses new technology to provide instant results and further lifts the buttocks by up to 70%,” says Dr. Steve Fallek, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of BeautyFix.

“More than a massage, the treatment contours and melts fat pockets that cause dimpled skin which is then deposited naturally through the lymphatic system.”

Vacuum butt therapy may sound slightly invasive, but take it from this editor who has gone under the vacuum, it’s not. After a mini massage much like Jordyn’s, two suction cups are placed on each “cheek” while you lie on your stomach for thirty minutes or so (the perfect time to catch up on your Instagram scrolling) as a machine pumps up your tush. The results are more like “I-do-squats-daily” and less like “I-bought-these,” if you’re looking for a more natural look.

To keep your pump, regular treatments are advised. Butt vacuum therapy will run you $149 per treatment at BeautyFix. The spa also offers other non-invasive perfect-peach worthy procedures like truSculpt FLEX, an FDA-approved body sculpting treatment and CelluliteFix, a treatment delivering tighter, smoother skin.

Whatever you treat your booty to—massages, a vacuum, injectables, a BBL—just know, you have options to achieve your wildest #PeachGoals.

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