Jones Road Just Dropped a Silky New Bronzer, and We Tried It

The perfect winter pick-me-up.

a person waring the bronzer

Jones Road

One of the easiest ways to liven up the complexion with that just-got-back-from-vacation glow is with bronzer. The product always spikes in popularity during the cold, but with celebrity contouring and "tantouring" hacks running rampant on TikTok, it feels like bronzer is more popular than ever. However, finding the perfect bronzer is trickier than you might think—they often veer too orange, create a muddy mess, or are a glitter bomb in disguise. It's a challenge to find a bronzer that simply adds a glow to the skin and subtly sculpts the face, but Jones Road just made the process more manageable with the launch of The Bronzer ($35), a no-nonsense powder.

We had team Byrdie put it to the test, ahead everything you need to know about The Bronzer, plus our honest reviews.

a person applying the bronzer

Jones Road

The Inspiration

“We really wanted to reinvent this staple product and make a clean powder bronzer that was sheer and buildable with the right amount of color payoff to tint the skin," explains Jones Road founder and renowned makeup artist, Bobbi Brown. Brown reveals that she worked closely with her team of makeup artists for two years to create a bronzer that substantially warmed up the complexion without creating an orange or muddy finish. 

a person wearing the bronzer

Jones Road

Jones Road has been popping off on TikTok since its launch, most notably with its Miracle Balm skin enhancers. So why create a powder bronzer instead of going down the balm route? Brown explains, “Often bronzers can be too dry, too orangey, and way too shimmery, which can make them difficult to blend and can sometimes make you look dirty.” Instead, Jones Road set out to create a buttery powder bronzer that offers a classic matte finish.

 The Formula

the bronzer
Jones Road The Bronzer $35.00

With a name as simple yet effective as “The Bronzer,” it comes as no surprise that the product itself is straight to the point without any added frills. The Bronzer has a matte finish that comes in seven shades: Dusty Rose, Light Tan, Medium Tan, Tan, Golden Tan, Cinnamon, and Terracotta. (If you’re stuck on which shade to choose, Jones Road has a shade match quiz on its website.)

“The team and I worked on perfecting this formula for two years, but it was worth the wait because the result was a clean, sheer, and buildable formula that feels silky on the skin and adds immediate warmth to all skin tones, notes Brown.

a person wearing the bronzer

Jones Road

As well as using The Bronzer to warm up the complexion, the brand mentions that you can use this product as a color corrector, tinted pressed powder, or use the Dusty Rose shade as blush. This cruelty-free formula sticks to the clean beauty standards that Jones Road upholds, and is talc-free.

The Bronzer launched alongside the Bronzer Brush ($44), a wide domed brush with a soft feel to disperse bronzer and blush in a light, even layer.

How to Wear The Bronzer

a person wearing the bronzer

Jones Road

“I like to apply it where the sun touches the face—forehead, cheeks, and bridge of the nose with The Bronzer Brush. I also apply it to the neck to blend with the face and body" says Brown. “It’s important to use a bronzer brush instead of a blush brush—you need a wider, denser brush for a better diffusion of color to cover the larger areas of the face.”

Our Reviews

Isabella Sarlija, news writer

Izzy wears Jones Road Bronzer

Isabella Sarlija

"The Bronzer is a pretty impressive product, but I must first touch on its biggest downfall: the shade range. Although The Bronzer comes in seven colors, its deepest shade is relatively light makes it difficult for deeper skin tones to reap the benefits of this great bronzer. 

I tried this bronzer out in the shade Tan, and I really enjoy its buildable formula. When I applied this with a domed brush, I noticed that The Bronzer applies in light layers that are perfect for either adding a subtle face-sculpting glow or for packing on for a faux suntan without running the risk of looking orange or dirty."

Madeline Hirsch, news director

Madeline wears Jones Road Bronzer

Madeline Hirsch

"I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by a shade called 'dusty rose,' but this bronzer looks a lot like blush. It’s a little deeper than my usual light pink shades, but I get the idea: Jones Road knows some of us contour with our blush and designed a product just for that niche. And honestly, I’m not against it. This bronzer is nice and pigmented, easy to build, and ready to sculpt. Plus, there are plenty of more traditional bronze-y nude shades if you’re so inclined."

Star Donaldson, senior social media editor

Star tried Jones Road Bronzer

Star Donaldson

"This is a great bronzer to set your contour, it's lightweight but still very buildable. I found that the shade Golden Tan was a little redder than my regular bronzer, so it kind of amplifies my blush. I have pink undertones so I don't usually gravitate towards red blushes/powders, but this bronzer is a subtle mix of brown and red so it kind of works for me."

Bella Cacciatore, news editor

Bella wears Jones Road Bronzer

Bella Cacciatore

"I haven't reached for a powder bronzer in a minute, but I'll start again after testing out this one. While I feel like the shade range leaves a bit to be desired on the darker end, there were plenty of options for fair skin, from rosy browns to more classic bronzes. I went for the Medium Tan Shade, which looks a little pink on the pan, but translated to the perfect neutral bonze—not too cool, yet not orange at all. The powder glided on easily, and didn't look cakey or dry on my parched winter skin."

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